The Christian Culture

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They speak the languages of the countries they live in such as Hindi in India and English in other countries.


They can apply for any job they wish. It is about their preferences. It also depends on where they live. Some jobs that they can have nomatter where they live are doctors, scientists and more!

Some topics

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Some things that Christians believe in are that God is the creator of the world and everything around us.


They can eat whatever they want to. Many are non-veg but some are vegetarian.


They can wear anything they would like to. It depends on where they live. Different people have different styles and they can wear clothes which relate to the styles.


They can go to any school. They also have a school only for Christianity. Inside, they learn the things that are required for the grade as well as their prayers.


They live in apartments and houses. It depends on the individual's budget. They can live wherever the want to.


They travel by walking, by car, bus, plane and train. Depending on where the individual is going, they can go in any vehicle.