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December 5, 2015

A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

...being a part of a school community that is filled with people who want to be the BEST. After attending multiple sessions at TAGT and comparing notes with others, we came away with pretty solid evidence that our school continues to be well in front of the curve in our learning and practices.

...third grade organizing a fun get together for Wednesday. We had about 20 people able to attend, and we had mindless fun playing Bunco. We learned that Meagan Sanders is pretty vocal, some might say a little obnoxious, when she's winning.

...first grade for organizing our outing this week at Paint and Sip. Looking forward to that as well!

...A terrific Dad's Club that provided a float for the parade and an opportunity for our families to gather and watch and also built a sand box for our students!

Can you believe?

In two weeks, we'll be finished with the first semester!

Only 10 more early mornings left in 2015!

Small group minutes

Since we have been very close to hitting our goals for small group minutes for this semester, I'm going to suggest we take a break from reporting for this month. I know there will be lots of activities that will be different than usual and that will interfere with typical instruction time. I do expect that you'll continue to meet with small groups as much as possible, but we will resume our reporting in January.

TAGT award

Here are some pictures from our San Antonio trip, which included an awards ceremony and then recognition during the keynote on Friday morning.

This week:

Monday, December 7

2:45 Art Club,

Tuesday, December 8

Paint and Sip

La Academia Espanol (a Spanish subscription program)

Wednesday, December 9

Choir for 5th

Progress Reports go home

Thursday, December 10

Friday, December 11

La Academia Espanol (a Spanish subscription program), Bowman, DI

CTMS choir here at 9:45