The most sacred place for Muslims

Why Mecca is sacred

Mecca is the most sacred place in the Islamic religion. Five times every day, Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca. The prophet Muhhamad is said to come from Mecca. In the Islamic religion, Mecca is the first place created on Earth. Every year there is a pilgrimage to the city Mecca. Another reason that Mecca is sacred is because of the holy temple called The Ka'ba. Inside of the Ka'ba is the famous Black Stone. The Black Stone is said once have been white and dazeling but is now black because of the countless sinners that have touched it. Some believe that The Black Stone has mystic powers, and that it can forgive minor sins to those who believe. Some believe that it is simply a meteorite.
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Where is Mecca?

Mecca is located at 21° 25' 24" N and 39° 49' 24" E. Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia.“Located in the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia”. Mecca is 909 feet above sea level. Mecca is 73 kilometers from Jiddah. Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East. Mecca is located in central-easter saudi arabia.