PBIS Newsletter

February 2016

District School-Wide Behaviors and Consequences

-- A chart of behaviors and their subsequent consequences is listed below.

-- Starting at our February Tier I PBIS Meeting, we will look at 1 or 2 sections and make these more applicable to Wyeville.

Next Popcorn Date: Friday, February 12th

Booster Sessions

-- At the last PBIS Tier 1 Meeting, we discussed having booster sessions for students struggling with the expectations for hallway, bathroom, lunchroom, playground, and classroom.

-- It was decided that we could try having booster sessions during the last week of each month. Tanya will set up the dates and expectations (hallway, bathroom, lunchroom and playground) and will let classroom teachers know. They will then give a list of students who need to practice to Tanya and this will happen during their afternoon recess time.

-- Classroom teachers will handle classroom expectations.

February Dates/Times:

Monday, February 22nd- 1:30-1:45 (K-2) Playground; 1:45-2:00 (3-5) Playground

Tuesday, February 23rd- 1:30-1:45 (K-2) Hallway; 1:45-2:00 (3-5) Hallway

Wednesday, February 24th- 1:30-1:45 (K-2) Lunch; 1:45-2:00 (3-5) Lunch

Thursday, February 25th-1:30-1:45 (3-5) Bathroom

Monday, February 29th- 1:30-1:45 (K-2) Bathroom

Den Reminders

-- Please make sure you are entering students who go to den into Infinity.

-- Some sort of parent contact needs to be made if you put a student into Infinity (white behavior sheet, electronic copy of behavior sheet, phone call, e-mail, etc.)

-- 1 time to den=fix-it plan, 2 times to den=letter home and fix-it plan and 3 times to den=letter home, fix-it plan and set up meeting with classroom teacher, Tim and parents (the den teacher needs to let both the classroom teacher and TIm know so that he can set up the meeting.)

PBIS Tier I Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 3pm

Wyeville Elementary School, Wyeville, WI, United States

Wyeville, WI

--Ideas for next Quarterly Celebration

-- Ideas for expectations videos

-- Go through 1 or 2 sections of Behavior/Consequences