General Custer

By Noah F.

Who is General Custer?

General Custer was famous for his big mistake in the Battle of Little Big Horn.
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Early Life Part 1

when i was born my mother named me George Armstrong Custer. Iwas born December 5, 1839 in Harrison Counter, Ohio. From the day I was born I wanted to be in the army. As a kid I always was called Autie

Early Life Part 2

When I was five I asked my dad to make me a sword so when I got into the war I would already have one and wouldn't have to by one and I new I would go to war anyway.


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Yes just as I new I got into the army, my training school being West Point Academy. There I got trained great and moved my level up quickly and finally on 1862 I became a general and claimed my self best dressed general.I married to Elizebeth Bacon on 1864 .When I was out of war I was so bored and bothered that I wasn't leading the 7th cavalry to victory. Finally I got a letter for the need of the 7th cavalry to come to war with indians the nasty little rats.

My Infamous Death

We the 7th cavalry were traveling, scouting down the indians it took such a long time and finally my top scout reported that our evil indian "friends" were setting base near the LittleBighorn river which wasn't far now going our fastest we saw just as described setting a base right near the LittleBighorn river. Attack!!!! Then it happened, my death happened. so did all my 272 men thats what I'm famous for later more army people came they saw all of the 7th cavalry dead and so they flead. It's sad I know but I famous for my big mistake.

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