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Written and Published by: Ethan Sample P.7

Advice by Carolyn: Concerned Friend

Dear Carolyn:

My friend has been playing video games before he could walk. He is a game addict and I have tied to make him go outside and do stuff but he keeps telling me he will the next day. At night I hear very strange noises in his room and I get uncomfortable . I guess my main question is, how do I get him to stop being a game addict?

From: A concerned friend

Dear concerned friend:

I understand your pain, I to have a friend that's an addict and im about to tell you what I did. Alright, when your friend is busy like taking a shower or eating then you go to his room and take/borrow a couple of wires and throw them in the BACK of your closet. This will make him go out and find something to do with his useless little life or go out and use his brain to find the right kind of wires. If he buys a whole new game console then just repeat what you did before.

Transforming into CyberHuman!!!

It is then end of all humanity! Ethan Austin is one of the many to wear these new neuro headsets. His friend Garrett has noticed Ethan has become very odd... He only eats macaroni and scrambled eggs, he even eats IT FOR DESERT. When Garrett spent the night at Ethan's house he noticed that Ethan's skin turns light blue and imprinted with a bunch of different numbers. It only appears when he is asleep. I think its the neuro headsets that are feeding off of his poor wretched body while he sleeps. He's turning into the computer!!!

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Help Wanted!!!!!!!!!

We are in need of hackers! Who ever you are and wherever you are, if you want to join us master hackers than you have to hack us to sign up. The way to the that is easy but after you get past the firewall then you have to go past our micro warriors to get to the key for the sign up sheet. IF you get past all of that and answer our question then you are in! After you are done you will be given an address, that is the secret hideout where you will meet your new hacker brothers.....