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Dedication- "This e book APP is dedicated to all the people who have a dream, never give up. Know that God is with you and rooting for you. This e book App is dedicated to the fighters, fight for your dream and never give up." - SD



Chapter 1- Intro to Google+

Chapter 2- Workshop

Chapter 3- Resources

Chapter 4- Affirmations

Chapter 5- Go Google Podcast

Chapter 6- Go Google Videos

Chapter 7- All about Blogging

Full Go Google Resource Book:

-Go Google Guide

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Google Hangout 101

Chapter 1- Intro to Google Hangout

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Walk into your blessings. This is your year. I speak unwavering faith, abundance, and increase into your life.

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Google Hangouts. Come join us.

Hangout with us on Google+ ( Google on Air)

The question is .... who is not hanging out? Everyone is hanging out on Google Hangouts. From artist to teachers the opportunity is limitless. Even Shawnda Dee and our President is hanging out. Promote your brand or blog on Google+.

So the real question is.......... Why are you not hangout out on Google+?

*******Look who is hanging out.********

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Rashawnda Daniels

Business welcome by Rashawnda Daniels

Host : Shawnda Dee

Building business in the clouds when the sky is the limit.

Shawnda will provide key resources and business guides to help you start up or manage your business. Learn all about cloud-based systems and how you can grow your business through Google/YouTube. A customized plan will be provided just for you.

Requirements: Must have a Google+ account. The workshop will stream online so a computer/mobile device, webcam, and internet connection will be needed to participate in the live Google+ Hangout.

Assignment: After the workshop, each participant will participate in a 21 day business affirmation challenge. All participants will be encouraged to post videos, pictures, and podcast of their business success on guess what....? Yes Yes... your very own Youtube channel and Google+ page.

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Download Google + APP to your mobile device.

Go download Google+ APP to your mobile device. I will meet you there.
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Chapter 2 Workshop

Chapter 2 ( Workshop)

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Go Google 2013 Register Here.

Complete registration and pay directly on my paypal from my website. Info below.

Paypal check out will be located at the bottom of my website page, titled "Go Google 2013". If you need any assistance, just email me @ info@shawndadee.com.

Go Google 2013 Business Class 8:00pm EST

Friday, Dec. 28th 2012 at 8-8:30pm

Your computer / mobile device (Google Hangouts)

Next workshop will be March 2013

I will discuss the importance of building your business with cloud-based tools. I will provide key resources and help you customize your business idea to start the new year with a clear vision.

I will discuss:

-Applying your faith to your business

-Maintaining existing clients

-Building and reaching new customers

-Using YouTube to expand your business globally

-Building your business with Google Drive

-How to establish relationships with sponsors


Business Affirmation will be emailed directly to you and will start the following day after the business class.

Missed class: If you are unable to attend the class, we will provide you with a copy of the show via private email and text the following day.

Encouragement: We encourage you to watch the videos below to help you learn more about Google+.

Where: The video will post on this APP page. We will send you a link via email at 7:30 pm EST so you can prepare to watch the video at 8:00 pm.. You may ask questions at that time about your business and Google.

You will be able to watch directly from your mobile phone. Kool right:)!

Make sure your download the Google+ APP to your cell phone.

Follow up: You will receive videos/podcast each week to your email and Google+ page about business tools and assistance for your business.

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Chapter 3) Resources

Chapter 3 ( Resources)

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Business Tools for Success

Shawnda’s Business Tools

***Key resources that will grow your business***

Walk into your bathroom...look in your mirror....affirm " This is my year I will Go Google 2013"

#Nothing can stop you

Business Tools

1) Website

2) Video
3) Logo

4) Virtual Phone (Evoice)
5) Free Virtual Phone through GoogleVoice

6) Best Hotel and Reviews

7) Best Social Media

8) Business Contact Tracker

9) Salon Tee or Promotions items- BME Printing

10) Business Barcodes

( Registered Guest only) **Click Here for complete Business Guide**:

-Go Google Guide

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Chapter 4) Affirmations

Chapter 4 ( Affirmations)

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Go Google 2013 Business Affirmation.

21 day Business Affirmations

** Business Affirmations **

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22 - Surprise

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Chapter 5) Go Google Podcast

Chapter 5 ( Go Google Podcast)

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**Coming Soon** March 2013


Chapter 6) Go Google Videos /how to's

Chapter 6) Go Google Videos

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Go Google Videos

1) How to make and join a Google+ Hangout
How to make and Join a Google Hangout
2) Best ways to use Google+
Google+ Hangouts Best Practices - how to run a Google Plus Hangout
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Chapter 7) All about Blogging

All about Blogging. Click Below.

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Contact me .

Remember... I am here if you need me.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.

If you need more info on anything, just contact me.

Ps: I'm proud of you .

Love SD

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