Ishbane Conspiracy

By: Randy Alcorn


"Ishbane Conspiracy" by Randy Alcorn is a very unique book. It is about the journey four normal high school kids, Jillian, Brittney, Roberto, and Ian go through over the course of a year. This book is very spiritual, yet at the same time it is not sappy and full of predictable endings. In fact, one of the main characters ends up killing another one of the main characters (to find out who you'll have to read the book). These four teenagers are repeatedly attacked throughout the story by two demons, Ishbane and Foulgrin. Throughout the whole book these two demons are trying to find ways to deter the characters faith and keep them from giving their life to God. Read the book and find out if the demons are successful.


The reason I love the "Ishbane Conspiracy" so much is because of the peculiar perspective it provides about Christianity. First of all, most of the characters in the book are nonbelievers. My whole life I was raised in a christian home, never really exposed to anything different. The characters in this book are so diverse, ranging from reading spiritual playing cards to messing with Ouija boards. You get to see the thought processes of people you would never normally be able to get into the minds of. Also, the demons provide an eye opening perspective that completely changed the way I thought of all things supernatural. Throughout the book (every couple of chapters) letters are written back and fourth between Ishbane and Foulgrin. Ishbane is a powerful demon who is assigned to watch over Foulgrin as he tries to capture the souls of the four teenagers. In their letters they refer to God as "The enemy" the bible as "The Forbidden Book" and heaven as "A blinding place". Whenever they speak they speak of things that we would consider to be horrible as glorious and pleasurable. It is like everything we think of as good, they see the opposite. In conclusion, The unique and enticing perspective the book provides about spirituality and high school makes it a fantastic read for anyone, especially teenagers, who desire to grow in their faith.