Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of February 10th and 18th

Important Dates

2/10 Rolayne at AP meeting

Kinder and 4th Wheel Day

2/11 Fifth to BizTown

District Site Walkthroughs

6:00 PTO Meeting


9:00-12:00 5th grade TODAY Obesity Screening in MPR

11:10 Soft Lockdown Drill

11:30- Stephanie to DO

2:30 Staff Meeting - MPR

2/13 Valentine Color Spirit Day

9:00 SMUSD Board Tour

5:30 Migrant Ed Mtg- MPR

Food Pantry -MPR



2/18- 5th and 2nd Wheel Day

10:00 NTS Meeting

6:00 Girls Scouts in MPR

2/19- 9:30-Career Day

5:30 General ELAC Meeting

2/20 1st Wheel Day

4:30 HeadStart Presentation @ Headstart


1st & 3rd Math Planning Day

3rd Wheel Day

8:45 Upper Flag Salute


Tiger Tid-Bits

  • A HUGE thank you to Hollie for holding down the fort while we were at the Title I Conference. We are so lucky to be able to leave our school in such good hands. Also, thank you to all who stepped in to help her and us while were were away
  • We have really seen a marked difference in students' behaviors in the hallways and MPR. Thank you for taking the time to use the new ways to recognize students, it has made a difference.
  • In 5th grade, when asked to explain their thinking about Mrs. Harris's 100th day shirt they could do so!
  • Thank you to our office staff for their patience with parents as they come to register their new kindergartners! It is always extra work for our front office ladies and we appreciate it!
  • Holy COW!!!! Family Math Night for K/1 was unbelievable! We had so many parents and students playing math games together. They were having so much fun, one kid was trying to "trick" their parents on a game, it was fun!
  • Thank you Silas for hosting the BizTown parent volunteer meeting (and Meg and Cindy for being there.)


  • Julie Brown and PE staff have painted a yellow line on the grass. Please help explain to students that the left side of the grass is for PE only and not to be played on while PE is going on.
  • For wheel the next two weeks, we would like you to bring your pictures that you have taken so far this year. We will spend a bit of time learning how to upload for the yearbook.
  • Career Day-We still need speakers! Please help us out and send me names of anyone who may be able to join us.
  • If you read this come by for a golden ticket in Stephanie's office to be entered into a drawing for a gift card.
  • Ana Hallman's community liaison days will change for the remainder of this school year. She will work in Kinder Monday-Wednesday and be available for you on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • CSUSM Soccer will start again in two weeks on Fridays.
  • Our annual district walkthrough is on Feb. 11th. Gina Bishop, Tracy Garcia and Maritza Koeppen will be walking around with me to observe in classrooms and see evidence of math practices. We are one of the last stops on their tour of the district to visit schools. Please see email for tentative schedule.


2/10 & 2/18 -BEST Practices and Yearbook

Tentative Schedule for next few weeks

2/25- F & P Testing day

3/3- F & P Testing day

3/10- Walk-through Protocols and Norms & Data Analysis

3/17- Walk-through Protocols and Norms

3/24- Grade Level Vertical Observation Day


Miyoko (cafeteria)-1st

Brett Williams- 8th

Michele Nicols- 11th

Jade Machado- 17th

Elizabeth Zavala -17th

Marlene (cafeteria)- 17th

Olivia (cafeteria) -19th

Monica Duenas- 20th

Traci Molloy- 20th


Need Common Core Lesson Ideas?? See BetterLesson

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