Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter January 18-22, 2016

Positive Postcard time!

Time to send home another round of positive postcards! Try to do one a day for the next few weeks until you've completed one for every child. I've got extras if you run out. Deann can get you address labels if you need them.

Extra Hats and Gloves

We have had donations of hats and gloves recently from the ES Senior Center and the Methodist Church. We have a lot of variety of styles and sizes. Please come down to the office and get any items you know are needed by students under your care. You might even consider having the student keep a set here at school so you don't have to KEEP giving them more and more hats or gloves. We want students to have the gear they need in order to be able to play outside. Hopefully, this will negate the need for a student to have to stay in because of inappropriate cold weather clothing. DO NOT ALLOW STUDENTS TO SHARE ANY HATS!

This week's events:

Jan. 18 No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observed

Jan. 19 Spring Reading Intervention "PRIDE TIME" begins 8:50-9:20am

Jan. 19 Data Teams Training (Bright, Malaponti)

Jan. 20 Wednesday Collaboration

Jan. 21 Team Meeting - Team Agenda (let us know which room you are meeting in)

Jan. 21 BIST Training (Gaddis, Mason, Vogler, Malaponti, Porter)

Creepy Crawly Critters

Ok, we have several, but in this case I am talking about the ones that live on heads! I think we can all agree that NO ONE wants head lice ANYWHERE. But we do have several kids out there. Cases keep recurring because families don't treat everyone or thoroughly clean and do follow-up. Kids spend the night with each other and pass it from one to the other. We can't do much about the home environment...Michelle tries to counsel them as much as possible, but it's a losing battle. I am asking that you implement a few things in your classroom to hopefully stop any possible spread here at school.

  • WATCH carefully-Notice scratching? Send to nurse. Notice bugs? Send to nurse.
  • LISTEN carefully-Kids talk. Yes, they even talk about having it (like it is no big deal!)
  • ELIMINATE heads "together"-prohibit them laying close together around the room, close head selfies, etc.
  • SEPARATE coats-maybe hang on the back of chairs

Many parents are just not as watchful, so we need to be the ones to notice and send them to be checked. There are some chronic cases out there...

Independent Reading Idea

If students read eBooks, have them take and annotate screenshots to reflect on their reading. They can capture any part of the book that spoke to them and type out why they liked it or want to remember it. Remind students that this is for their personal benefit, not yours! At the end of the year, students can compile these screenshot images into a slideshow (simply by dragging the folder into Picasa or another free tool) and look back on all the best parts of their book choices.

Unit of Instruction Questions Answered

1. Do I have to fill out 5b?

No, instead you will be turning in a spreadsheet listing your student names with 4 scores for each student on any unit or topic of your choice. If you teach more than one class, you only need to turn in a data sheet for 1 class. If your students all have different goals, you can just turn in 4 data points for each student-but list what their individual skill being measured.

2. What if I haven't taught the unit yet?

Once you teach the unit, be sure to collect the work samples, etc. that you need and hang on to those! You will add them to the unit next year. You aren't going to start from scratch next year...just add these pieces and revise.