Rome City Elementary School

August 2019 ROMAN NEWS

From the Principal's Desk...

Welcome to a new school year! The summer months always go quickly, but we are all very excited for the new school year to begin!

We have so many new students to Rome City this year! We are excited to see so many new faces and eager to bring more personalities to our Roman community.

We are always looking for more parent volunteers and leaders. Please consider joining the parents each month for a light breakfast and share thoughts and ideas on making our kids learning impactful! The list of all of our monthly meetings are on the back of this newsletter.

If you have not joined our Rome City Elementary Facebook page, I encourage you to do so. I post things on there daily. We also try to keep you updated on events through Facebook daily.

This school year will be a promising one, full of learning and fun. If I have not met you, please come in and introduce yourself to me. I want your child’s learning experience to be a partnership.

My door is always open, and I welcome comments, concerns, and questions. Feel free to stop by, email me or simply call the school to schedule an appointment.

Excited for the new school year,

Heather Green


Monday Collaboration

Every Monday, school starts at 8:45 am.

Tuesday-Friday, school starts at 8:00am

If there is a 2-3 hour delay on a Monday, school will start at 10:00/11:00

If you have any questions about start times on

delay days, please call our office.

We will continue to promote life-long learning at Rome City, but we will also be promoting being a leader. We want all students to know they are great leaders and to focus on positive leadership through being a ROMAN!






S- Safety

Big picture

Contact Information:

Please make sure the school continues to have up-to-date contact information for every child. We rely on this information to make contact home in a variety of situations, including sending important messages home.

Thank you!

Attendance Calls & Messages for Students:

If your child is sick or will not be at school, a phone call MUST be made to the school to report the absence by 10:00am. Phone calls will be made to make contact. Doctor’s notes are encouraged.

Also, please be sure all messages for students are called into the office by 1:30. This is to ensure all messages are given to students before they leave school every day. We will do our very best to make sure students receive these messages.

Thank you!

Parent Action Committee

We would like to invite you to get involved here at school! Please join us each month to help organize and plan things for the students and community.

All meetings are held in the conference room at 8:30 a.m.

First meeting will be Thursday, August 15th at 8:30 am

More dates to follow...

Morning/Afternoon Procedures-

To ensure the safety of our students both before and after school, all student drop-off/pick-up will occur on Washington Street. Teachers will be at the Washington Street entrance every day before and after school. (Door 7)

During school hours (8:00—2:45), parents may pick up their child in the main office through the Jefferson Street entrance.

All bus riders and walkers will enter and exit the main Jefferson entrance each day.

Students will still enter each morning in grade-level lines, teachers escorting their classes to their classrooms.