Middle School News - April 2

Go Wildcats!

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NO SCHOOL April 9th - GRADING DAY!! Get your work in by the 8th!

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Hybrid is getting CLOSER...Here are some details

Video Review of Hybrid and CDL

For ALL students - April 14, 15, 16 Asynchronous ONLY - (Teachers prepping)

What we know so far

  • Hybrid starts April 19th
  • We have about 30 families who have not responded to the 4th quarter survey as to whether or not they want to participate in Hybrid or stay Distance Learning. We will continue to contact you.
  • Students will be able to pick up lunch as they leave campus at 2:30

The following information is still in DRAFT mode:

  • At this time, looks like we will have one afternoon cohort of students for Hybrid
  • Cohort means the group (6th-8th grade) students who will be on campus at the same time.
  • Afternoon session is from 12:15 - 2:30pm
  • This is still subject to change until we contact all families.
  • This means that Hybrid students will have online work (asynchronous) in the MORNING.

What will it look like when kids are on campus?

  • Each homeroom of students will be assigned ONE classroom space for the 2 hours and 15 minutes they are with us.
  • Kids will NOT move from class to class. TEACHERS will rotate from group to group.
  • Kids WILL rotate once if they have PE, Music, Art, Health.

Here is a link to the newsletter called Bridger Ready with more general info: https://www.smore.com/jch5s

CDL changes when Hybrid begins.... (Comprehensive Distance Learning)

For families who chose to STAY in distance learning, your schedule will change as well April 19th

  • At this time (still in DRAFT form) CDL students will be LIVE with their teachers in the MORNING session.
  • This time will be from 8:00am - 10:15am - EARLIER
  • Each class will be 45 minutes long
  • In the afternoon, CDL students will continue to work online (asynchronously).

NEXT WEEK I'll have more info about Asynchronous time, important SAFETY reminders

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Kellogg Middle School Class Schedules for current 6th and 7th graders - Follow up

Thank you to those who met with us during scheduled times this past week to look over elective choices for next year.

Ms Howard will be trying to connect with those who haven't filled them out yet.

Most of the students have heard about the electives from me.

Here is the list of classes for you to review: Elective class descriptions

Here is the link to the forecasting form you can fill out together: Forecasting form

WATCH these videos to help you OR visit me next week at the times below to help you fill these out:

Video explaining classes

Video explaining form

FUN FRIDAY - Because of our transition to Hybrid in April, our next one will be in early May!

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Middle School and HS Transition Plans

Harrison Park:

  • Ms. Roletto will be working with the Harrison Park team to communicate and activities or meetings that may scheduled in the spring.
  • I anticipate that we will be doing schedule forecasting in APRIL for incoming students. Stay tuned!

Kellogg Middle School:

  • Principal Smith has started to form committees with teachers to start planning.
  • He also would like to start a parent advisory group in April. It will be about two parents per grade level (5th-8th). I don't have final information, but if you want to be put on a list to be considered, please email groletto@pps.net

High Schools:

  • We know that high schools are deep in creating the master schedule for the school. We hope to hear what next steps are for families, but my guess would be mid spring.
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MS "Lunch Hangout Times" - These will change once Hybrid model starts

Opportunities to connect w/ others and counselor:

Ms. Howard office hours: CODE: howardoffice - Fridays 9:40-10:20

6th drop-in Lunch Group - CODE: 6lunch - Mondays 12:30 - 1pm

7th/8th drop-in Lunch Group - CODE: 78lunch - Tues 12:30 - 1pm

Student Council – CODE: bridgerstudentcouncil – Fri 1:10–1:55pm

QSA Group – Email Ms. Howard for code - Fridays 2-2:30pm

Ms. Howard can be reached at 971-378-0470 or rhoward@pps.net

COUNSELOR WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/pps.net/bridger-k-8-counseling/home

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Google Meet Codes and Office Hour Codes

Most Middle School Office Hours will happen on Friday from 9:40 - 10:25am

Link to class and office hour codes: MS Google Meet Class Codes (updated)

Student Emails and Google Calendar

The middle school team will also expecting students to be checking their student email regularly.

  • Mr. Roletto will be sending information about activities throughout the year
  • Teachers will confirm appointments with students

It's a skill they will need to have when they get to high school and expected to use.

Also it will be important for students to use their email because we WANT to text students, but we aren't able to use REMIND messaging directly with students as some parents have asked because their is an age requirement that most of our students don't meet.

Organization tip for students - WATCH

Here is a way to organize the links and documents you want accessible right away when you start your day. Helps save time and you don't have to remember how to search for things.

Video link: Ms. Roletto's organization tip