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August 18, 2017

Eclipse: What YOU need to KNOW!

We will experience a partial eclipse on Monday, August 21st. The eclipse officially begins at 12:59 PM and officially ends at 3:51 PM. The eclipse has a path of totality that crosses the country from the west to the east coast. Locations in the path will experience a total eclipse (total darkness). That path is just south of us. In our area, the moon will not totally block the sun but we will still have darkened skies, a temperature drop, and a dramatic view of the moon blocking the sun.

Looking at the sun at any time is not good for your vision. The suns rays will burn your retina in just over a minute and a half of viewing. That damage results in irreversible blindness. On a normal day, the glare from the sun causes you to stop looking at it. During an eclipse, there is no glare so one would have the tendency to look longer. And since there are no pain receptors in the retinal area, there is no indication that you are causing damage. Due to these factors, viewing the sun during an eclipse is extremely dangerous to the viewer. Because of the seriousness of this activity, we will strictly adhere to the rules and plan below.

Eclipse: What WE plan to DO!

The SMS Plan:

  1. Students will report to Homeroom at 2:05 for final safety instructions shared via the intercom and from the HR teacher. After the safety review is complete, all participating students will receive a set of ISO 12312-2, NASA-approved, eclipse glasses.
  2. Crease the glasses at the crease points. Do not touch the lenses. Inspect the glasses for any rips, tears, or irregularities. If they are damaged, tell your teacher.
  3. Try on the glasses to make sure they fit. If you wear glasses, wear them over the top of your regular glasses.
  4. Take the glasses off and hold them carefully, not touching the lenses.
  5. Exit the wing doors at the direction of your teacher. We plan to do this at approximately 2:23. Do not look at the sun. When you get to your team area, sit down in the grass and put on your eclipse glasses. (The glass lenses are so dark it is unsafe to walk while wearing them.)
  6. With glasses on, you may look at the eclipse. Take breaks. And do NOT remove your glasses.
  7. We will dismiss back to the building by homerooms, starting at 2:33. When your group is dismissed, stand up and take off your glasses. Do NOT LOOK AT THE SUN as you are walking into the building. Your vision is not worth the risk of a peek.
  8. We will dismiss at the 2:55 bell. Outside athletics that night will stay in the building until 4:00 PM. Students leaving the building by car, bus, or on foot will take eclipse glasses home. NO MATTER WHAT... DO NOT LOOK AT THE ECLIPSE AFTER SCHOOL without using your eclipse glasses.


  • Do I have to go outside to view the eclipse? NO. You can choose to sit in the hall at the end of the wing. You will still be given a pair of safety glasses to take home. Your parents can also call SMS to OPT you OUT of the viewing. Parent calls must be received by noon on Monday, August 21st.
  • What if I go outside and change my mind? If you go out, you stay out. But if you do not want to view the eclipse, just look down.
  • Can I take my cell phone or iPad outside? No. These devices will are not equipped to capture sun images. Your own eclipse glasses will interfere with your ability to see a device screen. And removal of the glasses to see a screen will endanger your vision. (Tell your parents about this part! We want them to protect their vision as well!!)
  • Can my parent/guardian take me home for the eclipse? Yes. Any parent that would like to pick up a student should do so before 1:00 PM. Students signed out on eclipse day will not be given safety glasses. Glasses will not be distributed until 2:10 in homerooms.
  • What if I stay home all day? If you stay home all day, it will count as a regular absence. You may have make-up work to complete. Just like an early departure on eclipse day, you will forfeit your chance at perfect attendance.
  • What about liability? Failure to use eclipse glasses when looking at the sun can cause permanent retinal damage. Proper use of the glasses and adherence to the plan is non-negotiable. SMS will not be responsible for injury or expenses caused by viewing the eclipse and we waive liability for negligence for students that fail to strictly adhere to our plan.

Pep Club

The SMS Pep Club invites you to participate in some special spirit nights at fall events. Mark these on your calendars now!

Monday, Aug. 21: Football- 'Merica Night. Wear your red, white, and blue!

Wednesday, Aug. 30: Football- Wacky Wednesday. Show up in some wild attire!

Tuesday, Sep. 5: Volleyball- Garbage Night. Show up in a garbage bag with recycled bling.

Thursday, Sep. 21: Volleyball- Purple Out. Show up in purple as we host rival Austin.

Tuesday, Sep. 26: Soccer- Tropical Tuesday. Show up in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts.

Join in. Have fun. Make some NOISE!!

Builders' Club Needs YOU!

The SMS Builders' Club is having a call-out meeting Wednesday from 3-4 for all students interested in helping out the community! Join us to serve, lead, and have fun. The Builders' Club helps with Kiwanis events, builds parade floats, manages collections to help local agencies, and sponsors fun events here on campus. We'll meet Wednesday in room 800. If you have any questions, ask Sarah Everett, Lily Walsh, Haley Lowe, Emily Evans, or Ms. Sutton.

Gold Star Guidance

SMS got some great news last week! Once again, our guidance department has been honored with Gold Star Guidance distinction. This means that our guidance and counseling program meets the highest standards for helping kids academically, socially, and in career exploration. Congratulations to Mrs. Decker and Mrs. Naugle, the members of our Gold Star committee, and all staff, students, and community members that make this program so awesome!

Mrs. Decker & Mrs. Naugle, we appreciate you!

Thank you for all you do for us!

Thanks to the CR and DT for this great message!

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The SHS Warrior Football team will make its varsity football debut tonight versus Clarksville! Come join in on the fun and cheer on the team. The game starts at 7:00 PM at Warrior Field on the SMS campus. Admission is $3.00. SMS students should sit in the student section of the bleachers. The areas behind the athletic building, behind the tennis courts, and behind the bleachers are off limits! Have fun. Enjoy the Band of Warriors performance, and demonstrate the WARRIOR WAY!

The Week Ahead...

Mon. Aug. 21: A day, ECLIPSE DAY, Tennis @ N Harrison, Soccer @ Jennings County, Football v. Highland Hills, 7/8 Volleyball @ Silver Creek

Tue. Aug. 22: B day, 6 VB parent meeting 5:15

Wed. Aug. 23: A day, 7th grade hearing tests PM, Builders' Club 3-4, 7/8 VB @ River Valley

Thu. Aug. 24: B day, Tennis v. Southwestern, CC @ N Harrison

Fri. Aug. 25: A day

Sat. Aug. 26: Soccer @ Greensburg