Olympic Games

Come and watch

Good afternoon my fellow news paper readers today i'm going to tell you about the Olympic games the games brought people throughout the Greek world together everyone watched but the woman even though they could not watch they still tried.

The best seats were saved for the priest. they where held in honor of the god's but mainly Zeus because he was the most powerful god of them all he decided what went on during the games. every person that wanted to do the Olympic games had to take an oath to practice 10 months before the Olympic games they also had to be wealthy enough to travel to and from the Olympic games.

The only problem is that the stadium held 50 thousand people but more people wonted to watch the game but they went wealthy enough to travel there and back later on pancritim combined boxing wrestling biting kicking and strangling but during the events men were permanently injured or killed. Even if the competes were injured very badly they would later or then die only one man would finish. Zeus allowed animals to fight each other and animals fight humans the animals would be reward ed like humans would.

By the 128th Olympics women could compete they would do the something that men would do. I hope you will come watch the Olympic games.


Month: August

Day: 14

Year: 500 B.C.

Time: 1:00pm

Stadium: North