Do It For The Love Foundation

A Foundation By Michael Franti And Sara Agah

What Is This Foundation For?

Michael Franti and Sara Agah created this foundation because they wanted to combine what they both believe in and help other people. Sara is an ER nurse, and Michael is a musician. Being exposed to a large amount of people with life threatening diseases, Sara wanted to include this in the foundation. With Michael seeing the joy that music has the capability of providing, the two of them created something that both of them feel strongly about. Sara and Michael created a foundation that brings people with life threatening diseases to live concerts. Their hope is that the music will bring these people joy and that the two of them can connect with these people at concerts and outside of them.
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Do It For The Love Foundation

What Can You Do To Help?

If you are interested in donating, please go to Any donation helps. You can got to Do It For The Love Fundraisers which make a huge impact on the foundation.

If you are interested in attending a concert and receiving the Do It For The Love experience, please visit