This Week in 2B

Our Learning Journey

The Week Ahead...

The children will have a fabulous week as we begin with a bang! On Monday we will have a visit to the Dubose Media Center from a very special illustrator, SCDS's own Marquin McMath Campbell. We will also kick off our Summer Reading Challenge with a pep rally featuring a spirited song by excited supporters of your children....their teachers! It should be entertaining. In LA we will continue to write, write, write as we complete our rough drafts for our Who Am I projects. Grammar skills taught during the year will be reviewed once again and we will continue to introduce new letters and practice our cursive writing. Subtraction and Addition in number stories begins our week in Math and a look into basic multiplying and dividing follows. Continue to practice making change and logging onto the web site to practice basic number facts. With Field Day added to our schedule on Tuesday you can see that we're going to have a full and exciting week. I hope to see you Tuesday!

Working hard on Who Am I projects!

A work in progress....

We've been working diligently on our biography rough drafts. We have completed our paragraphs about our characters childhood and some have even finished their adulthood paragraphs and are on to accomplishments! Way to go!! We have discovered the value of doing thorough research as well. They now realize that putting forth great effort on the front side of a project helps tremendously on the back side!! Life lessons learned every day!! We will continue to focus on completing our rough drafts this week. We will bring true meaning to the phrase "putting pen to paper!"


May 7: Field Day - Needless to say we had some disappointed faces Friday when field day was postponed. We switched gears and were very productive as we continued to work on our many in class projects. Field Day has been rescheduled for Tuesday, May 7th. I hope that you can join us on Tuesday and that Mr. Sunshine accompanies you!

May 23: Grandparent's Day