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Is This A Problem and Should We Be Worried?

Today we received all of the damage this oil spill has done from KMBC 9 News. It has completely wiped out tons of animals, ecosystems and so much more. This oil spill has not only affected animals but it has also affected everyone, seeing their beautiful blue water and birds completely covered in oil.

We got a question from one of our viewers today asking if we should be worried. Yes! We most definitely should be worried. The oil spill is still going knocking out almost everything in the ocean on the coast. We know that many birds are dying and their homes are gone. Below is a link to a website that helps birds recover from oil spills.


How We Approached The Problem

We approached the problem by by starting to divide the damage in regions/sections to find the total area. We then started measuring and using our formulas to get the total area of a shape. Once we had measured, done the formulas, and added them up. We got our TOTAL area of the whole thing which 432 miles 2.

How Much Are We Going To Clean?

We do want to help as much as we can, but we will not be able to clear all of the oil in the ocean, because of the way we divided it up. There will be a lot of damage we will not be able to clean because of the regions we created. Yet, we will help as much as we can!

Was Our Strategy Accurate?

The way that we divided up our regions was pretty simple just trying to fill in the spaces. Our polygons we created were measured correctly as well but we still didn't get the EXACT total of the area of this horrible spill.
BP Oil Spill Timeline