Pre-K PLC Newsletter

Minutes from WSISD's November 16th Pre-K PLC Meeting

What's Happening in Pre-K During the Second Six Weeks...

Our newsletter highlights our study of the WSISD community, showcases student's thinking and writing in journals, outlines the upcoming report card and curriculum focus areas for the 3rd six weeks, lists our CLI Engage testing measures for waves 2 and 3, notes upcoming meetings, and shares insightful links for early childhood educators.

Learning About Our White Settlement Community

Showcasing WSISD's Focused Journal Narrative Writing

Upcoming Pre-K Assessment Information

3rd Grading Period Report Card Indicators

Testing during the last week of the grading period and first week of the 3rd grading period:

  • I can name the following letters: Bb, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ss, Tt, Ee, Gg, Nn, Pp, Ii, Hh, Ff, Oo, Dd. (III.C.1)

  • I can read the word list: I, Mom, Dad, can, go, up, a. (III.A.1)

  • I can use scribbles/writing to convey meaning. (IV.A.1.)

  • I can answer questions about a story read to me. (III.D.3.)

  • I can sequentially count up to _____ (15). (V.A.2.)

  • I can count 1-10 items/objects. (V.A.3.)

  • I can sort objects that are the same and different into groups. (V.E.1.)

  • I can describe characteristics of common objects. (V1.A.1.)

  • I can follow classroom rules and routines. (I.B.1a.)

  • I can stay focused on group activities. (I.B.3b.)

CLI Engage Progress Monitoring Assessment

Testing Windows & Proposed Tasks:

Wave 2: Feb. 8-26: Rapid Letter Naming, Rapid Vocabulary, Listening, Rote Counting, Shapes, and Counting Sets

Wave 3: May 2-20: Rapid Letter Naming, Rapid Vocabulary, Letter/Sound Correspondence, Rhyming I, Onset/Rime, Syllabication, Alliteration, Counting Sets, and Operations

Upcoming Meetings...

  • November 20 at ESC XI from 9am-3pm: The Challenge of the 4 I's
  • November 20 at BHS at 3pm: WSISD Staff Meeting
  • December 14 at North from 2:15-3:30pm in Claudia's room for Pre-K PLC where we will view the webinar from CLI on Managing Mild Autism in Early Childhood Inclusive Classrooms