Second Grade Newsletter


Welcome Back!

Welcome back and happy fall! We are happy to return to PS 84 for another exciting school year. Please be advised that we will be updating our newsletter at the end of every month to ensure that you are up to date with what we will be covering in the classroom in the different content areas. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email your child's teacher or teachers, and always feel free to call the school and leave a message!


This month, readers will be discovering their newfound reading powers as second graders. They will understand that as they grow physically, they also grow stronger as readers and with that comes responsibility. Instead of just reading a text, they must really begin to read a text. What does this look like? Students will need to do some serious thinking about the books they read. Instead of just identifying the setting, the plot and the characters, they have to begin to wonder the author's purpose and how the characters feel. With practice, students will begin to realize how much they've grown as readers and will begin to transition into chapter books and books with a longer storyline. To make this kind of growth, they will need to construct meaning and to understand how longer, more complicated stories are held together. Through this unit, they will be given strategies to be able to jump over the hurdles as their growth spurt continues to develop! We encourage them to keep reading for at least 15 minutes each night.


Students are writing personal narratives about small moments in their lives. Throughout this unit, students will study the craft of master authors in order to improve their own writing. Students will practice stretching their small moments , writing these with great attention to detail and to crafting powerful beginnings and endings. Please take time out of your day with your child and note certain moments that can be used in their writing such as a trip to a park or a museum. Even something as ordinary as Saturday morning breakfast can be stretched into a lovely narrative rich with feeling.


For the month of October, students will learn number sense and place value. As they explore Even and Odd numbers, they will also understand the value of a digit, different ways of writing a number, identifying patterns within numbers up to 1,000 and explore 3 digit numbers and their place value. They will also learn to use strategies such as counting on and counting back by 10's and 100's, among other useful strategies, in order to solve word problems and work in groups to solve word problems constructively.

Social Studies

As citizens of our community we have rights and responsibilities. We are remembering that we are part of a larger community in which there are rules that we uphold in order to stay safe and happy. As we move through this unit we will also learn about our right to vote and the many American symbols that unite us.

October Birthdays

Ms. Ramirez 2-251

Ms. Windle 2-252

Ms. Arno & Ms. Walters 2-249

Ms. Jurist & Ms. Rivas 2-245