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23rd March 2015

Chance to Register

Stockton Riverside College: Your vote matters



Citizenship, What does that mean......

To be a citizen is to be a part of society, of a community, of something special. You live in this community and it is important that you help make that community a great place. We all have rights and choices; we must take responsibility for our choices and understand that there are always consequences, which can be good or bad.

We all have the right to vote in the General Elections but we are all individually responsible for registering to vote and making an informed choice when we use that vote. Registering is only the first step and making a choice about who to vote for can be really difficult. The younger generation is being overlooked by politicians at the moment. Some believe it is due to young peoples’ apathy, disinterest while others’ views are about lack of education or knowledge. Whatever the reason it has created barriers which prevent young people participating. During the last general election in 2010 the turnout was low amongst young people and this is becoming a real concern as the numbers keep dropping. Just over 50% of 18-24 year olds voted in 2010 whereas nearly 75% of over 65 year olds voted. This difference needs to be acknowledged and as a younger generation we must act and become “a vote worth winning” by the politicians. Registering to vote shows you are interested in your area, you want to be a part of society, and you are an active citizen with a voice. It is important that we register to vote before 20th April, this can be done online: .

The next step is to use that vote, which can be a more challenging step. At Stockton Riverside College we are here to help but we will never tell you who to vote for, that is your choice. Student Services have set up #AskMe on Twitter just follow studentsrc, alternatively check out Student Service VLE page and take part in the discussion.

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Epilepsy is medical conditions which affects the brain and causes what many of know as fits also called seizures. It affects more than 500,000 people in the UK, meaning 1 in 100 people in the UK has the condition. Epilepsy starts at any age and sometimes the cause cannot be identified. Some cases are associated with damage which has happened to the brain. Epilepsy is not curable but medication can help control the seizures. To raise awareness of the condition and how many people deal with epilepsy on a day to day basis, wear purple on Thursday 26th March.

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Easter holidays are only a few days away and while some of us look forward to the break many have the realisation that the end of the year is near and deadlines are fast approaching. The holiday time is a great opportunity to catch up on assignments while the college is quiet.

LRC opening times:

Monday - Friday 8.30-4.30pm

Make sure you sign in at reception.

Remember the college will be closed on the bank holidays, Good Friday, 3rd April and Easter Monday 6th April.

Happy Easter

Competition Time

The English and Maths Spring Quiz is here!

There are prizes to be won so get your answers in for the chance to be entered into the prize draw to win these fantastic prizes!

Click the link below, enter your answers and press submit but remember to type your name and contact number too!

Get Involved and Wear a Hat!

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