Food Drive

Michigan versus Michigan State

Oaktree's Annual Food Drive

The Michigan versus Michigan State Food Drive begins at Oaktree Elementary on October 24th and goes until November 4th. The big game is at the BIG HOUSE this year on October 29th! The grade with the most items earns an Electronics Day!

Michigan Vs Michigan State Food Drive

Monday, Oct. 24th, 8:30am to Friday, Nov. 4th, 3pm

7500 Gale Rd

Goodrich, MI

Bring your food items to donate to help your team win. Let's Go BLUE!!!! Go Green Go White!

All food Items are donated to the Lions Club!

Contest Rules

Any nonperishable food items can be donated. Please avoid glass containers. Please check expiration dates, we have to throw out any expired foods. Contest runs from October 24th through the November 4th. The final count will be at 3:00 on November 4th. Items are picked up that day, so please make sure your items are here before that 3:00 deadline! Good luck! The grade with the most cans earns an Electronics Day!

Lions Club of Goodrich

The Lions Club of Goodrich will take our donations and send them out to our community to help those in need.