Coaches Corner-Impact

Connect Coaches 2016-17 -1st Edition


Hi Coaches- This newsletter will be a way to share information that is happening in the district and within each of our school sites to highlight all the awesome work that we do in Tustin throughout the year.

One Way to Support Your School(s): Grants

One way to support your school sites it by writing grants.

Here are a couple sites that you may want to look into as you figure out the needs of your school.


Cox Cares:

TPSF: Deadline Jan. 31st

Chevron: Sept. 1-Nov. 15

These are just a few. Tips to writing education grants.

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Coaches meeting-September

Wednesday, Sep. 21st 2016 at 8am

1362 Mitchell Avenue

Tustin, CA

Bring a Narritive Writers unit if study.

IDEA: Reading/Writing Carnival

A Reading Carnival can be held in the fall to introduce families to the work that students will be doing in reading and writing or to celebrate the end of a unit. A Reading Carnival can last an hour or more depending on the ages of the students involved. If the whole school isn't ready for a Reading Carnival, one or more grade level teams can get together to plan their event.

Sometimes as a coach you feel under appreciated, remember you are making an IMPACT! Watch this video and think about your impact.

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