Taste of Texas

Push factors and homeland

Syria and Lebanon are located in the middle east and are both on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. They border each other, but syria is much larger than lebanon. Almost all the immigrants that came to Texas were Christians. In the 19th century Christians in the Muslim empire had to pay extra taxes and were not allowed to do certain things. also in the late 19th century there was trouble in Lebanon when a conflict between the Druze (a different religious group) and the maronites (a christian group) which caused the deaths of many Christians.

Texas and pull factors

The Lebanese and Syrians settled in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and El Paso. Lebanese and Syrians came to Texas for religious freedom from the Muslims. Young men also wanted to escape the military and came to texas to avoid being forced to join the military

Culture Highlight

The main language is arabic, but french is also allowed. People usually wear modern european clothing, but in the countryside people also wear traditional clothing. Music is widely spread throughout Syria and Lebanon, people listen to American, European, French, and other modern day music. However, traditional folk music is still popular to this day.

Significant Individuals

Hadji Ali

Hadji Ali came to Texas and brought with him many camels which was used in the US army as a way of travel. After his job with the army ended he mined for gold and silver in the southwest, he later died in 1902 in Arizona.


Elias was another person who worked in the camel experiment in the army and later moved on to
Sonora, Mexico. Elias' son, Plutarco Elias Calles, became the president of Mexico in 1928.

Professor Joseph arbeely

Professor Jospeh was the first syrian family to visit Texas. he came in 1878 after serving as president Patriarchal Syrian Orthodox College in Damascus. He taught missionaries to speak Arabic while his two sons stayed in Austin.

did you know...

  • that Lebanon is a little larger than half of Connecticut
  • Lattakia is the oldest recorded port in the world (going back to 440 B.C.) and is located in Syria
  • Lebanon is the oldest country name in the world
  • Syria has evidence of roads that are 4,000 years old


part 1

Syrians and Lebanese have helped Texas in many ways. One of those ways include teaching missionaries arabic which is can help convert many Middle-Eastern people who speak Arabic to Catholicism. They have also helpled in business', many Syrians and Lebanese have started their own business' and some have become very succesful. Finally, Syrians and Lebanese coming here has helped spread Middle-Eastern culture here in Texas and in all of America.

part 2

I think Texas has become better since Syrians and Lebanese have come to Texas because they have spread Middle-Eastern culture in Texas which has helped make all of america what it is today, a free country filled with different races, religions, languages, and other things which have all come together to be free in America. Syrians and Lebanese have also helped in business' such as Haggar and Farah families, clothing manufacturers, and Dr. Micheal DeBakey the heart surgeon.


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By: Caleb Kim

Coach Vice TX history 4th period

culture groups: Lebanon and Syria