shannon mctague


republic is a offial were chosen by the people. The senate was members of the land holding upper class. Males had authority over their wife and family.

geographic features

Rome had peninsulas. They were located In the medititarian . The romans helped moved easyier through the lands.

social classes

In Rome partisans are supervised the business of Gov. and command. Also plebeians were farmers , Merchants, artisans.

cusses for the fall of roman empire

social; people become selfish and lazy.

economic ; romans used too much slave labor .

political; many officials were corrupt.


the romans barrowed many greek concepts in the asrt and architecture. the romans built many building such as the bridge. they wrote Latin language.

roman conured

cartheage, maceddonia , Greece , and parts of aisa minor. also they had the pax romanna . the pax romana was roman peace.