The importance of honor

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By Christopher Scott Thompson

The topic of “honor” is of interest to some heathens and pagans, especially those who see themselves as being on a “warrior path.” According to the “Heathen Handbook” () of the Wodens Folk Kindred:

Honor is the foundation of heathen society. Honor is a person’s measure of their virtue and worth… A person’s honor comes from within…

Comparing the book

We compared the book to American Sniper. Thought both are some form of a drama the are very much different. In society most people see those who have or are serving in the military as honorable. The movie Presents this well. In the book Much Ado About Nothing it has a similar feeling at the beginning when they are talking about people coming back from war. Later on in the story it progresses to a lack of honor and trust among a group of (Friends.) There for showing us that a lack of honor can break apart a bond between two or more people.

Examples of lack of honor and the restoring of honor

How to apply this to our lives

2 Types

There are two different types of honor. Vertical and Horizontal are those two types. Horizontal honor is defined as the “right to respect among an exclusive society of equals.” Vertical honor, on the other hand, isn’t about mutual respect, but is rather about giving praise and esteem to those “who are superior, whether by virtue of their abilities, their rank, their services to the community, their sex, their kinship, their office, or anything else.” Vertical honor, by its nature, is hierarchical and competitive. Vertical honor goes to the man who not only lives the code of honor, but excels at doing so. An example would be a student to a student for Horizontal. Another example would be a student to a teacher. That represents Vertical honor