Piney Woods region

By: Ashley Pfeiffer

Outdoor activites

There are many outdoor activities that you can do in the piney woods, such as, Hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and camping!

State Parks

You can go do many things in Texas, but you may have to check out these state parks, such as, The Sabine National Forest, The Angelina National Forest, and the Fairchild State Forest.

Historical Backround

The piney woods was named "Piney Woods" because the region has so many pine trees. You can see Spanish influence in the piney woods because Nacogdoches which was a Spanish fort which began in 1700.

Historical Places

Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas, so there are many historical sights to see such as, The Cullen house, the Zion Hill Baptists Church, and The Durst-Taylor Historical house and gardens.

Sight Seeing

The Texas State Railroad, The Crighton Theatre , The Gregg Country Historical Museum, the Heritage plaza, and the Sam Houston Memorial Museum are just a few of the wonderful sights in Piney Woods Texas.

National Parks

The Big Thicket Natural Preserve is located in the Piney woods region.
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The Texas State Railroad

Ashley Pfeiffer

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