Why Wine?

Cabernet to Chardonnay, Brit Milahs to Weddings, and everything in between.

During the upcoming holidays you'll be consuming alot of wine. But have you ever wondered why Wine is at almost every Jewish event?

Get the answers and taste some Wine too!

Wednesday, Aug. 28th 2013 at 7:30pm

7026 Bathurst

Thornhill, ON

SKC In the downstairs restaurant

Admission: Free but please RSVP!

Ages: 19-26

Contact us:

Aaron Savatti aaronsavatti@gmail.com

Iany Beniluz ibeniluz@gmail.com

7:30-8:30 Wine tasting and refreshments.

You'll get to understand a bit about Wine from an expert.

8:30-9:15 Why Wine?

R' Azoulay-Assistant Rabbi of SKC