Affordable Legal Protection

Everyone Deserves an Attorney. Now You can Afford One!

You need Legal Shield

With Legal Shield just about anyone can have the same type of legal protection that up till now has only been afforded to the financially wealthy. For less than $0.02 a day you can not only have a lawyer in your corner, but an entire law-firm. You will have 24/7 access to an attorney for any legal related issue no matter how trivial or traumatic. Your lawyer will represent you in court, prepare a will, living will and medical power of attorney, make phone calls and send letters on your behalf, review contracts before you sign into them, give you limitless legal advice and more, all for less than what it would cost to take your family out to dinner.

You Never Know When You Will Need Protection

Did you know the highest number of auto accidents occur in August? Should you be in an accident, LegalShield attorneys can help you navigate the #legal issues that may arise. Find out how a LegalShield Plan can help you with auto accidents and many other issues.

Be sure to this referral number when you sign up, 127088292.

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Not Only Save Money, Earn Some Too!

Two words: Residual Income. Start selling legal insurance for Legal Shield and you can make residual income on every member you sign up that stays a member, whether that be for 1 year or over 40 years. Plus, you can leave your residual income to a loved on in your will, so you can put your mind at ease that your loved ones will be provided for after your passing. Become an independent associate for Legal Shield today!