Vascular .VS. Nonvascular Plants

By:Gavin Portier

Vascular Plants

A vascular plant is a plant with tubes to carry nutrients and water throughout the plant.Vascular plants are more complex than nonvascular plants.They have two types of tissue;Xylem and Phloem.Xylem carries water and nutrients from the roots to other parts of the plant.Phloem carries food from the leaves to the rest of the plant.Here are some examples of vascular plants:

Non-Vascular Plants

Non-Vascular Plants

A non-vascular plant is a plant without tubes to carry water and nutrients throughout the plant.Non-Vascular plants are less complex than vascular plants.They have no tissue for carrying materials throughout the plant.They absorb water and nutrients from their surroundings.Non-Vascular plants cannot grow very tall and because of their small sizes they can absorb enough water to carry materials throughout the plant.

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