Horrible Huricanes

Postitive and Negative effecs of Huricanes


When a hurricane hits, the massive waters and rain can destroy an ecosystem. Animals in that habitat are forced to either migrate, adapt, or die. There could be permanent damage to there habitat. The biodiversity will shrink because of the hurricane. Many animals will migrate or die. If the producers get to much water from the hurricane, they will die. This will effect the consumers and decomposers. Organisms that relay on the producers will die, causing the flow of energy to be messed up.


Negative(red)-A hurricane fills air with moisture, making the temp. very high and humid.

Positive(green)-The rain from the hurricane clears the pollution from the atmosphere.


Negative(red)-In the areas that are hit by hurricanes, the ground could get too much water causing the plants to drowned.

Positive(green)-When a hurricane hits it rains for many days, even in places miles away, giving plants that live farther away plenty of water to survive.


Negative(red)-The water from a hurricane is strong enough to take out buildings and cars

Positive(green)-Because of the disturbance of water, the cooler and warmer waters get churned up and mixed together.

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