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Using Technology in the Social Studies Classroom

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Instructional Technology Expectations

How do you feel technology should or could be used in a social studies classroom?

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Materials for the Day

  • Handout
  • Device- iPad, Laptop, Phone
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Technology is an AMPLIFIER!

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What is the Purpose of Technology in the Classroom?

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Lens for today: impacting instruction

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Homework Assignment

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What instructional technology tools have I used already for this training?

How have these tools impacted your learning?

How could you use one of these tools in your classroom?

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What are the keys to a quality presentation?

How can instructional technology enhance these keys?

How can instructional technology distract from these keys?

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Presentation Tools

Gaona's Go-To's

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The platform gives them access, what are they diving into?

You have 15 minutes to investigate and create!

  • Find a tool you think will work for you in your classroom.
  • Create an account.
  • Embed some of your content.
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Enhancing Interaction and Collaboration

Our focus should be having people interact with our content and with each other. What technology tools allow for collaboration and interaction?


You are now going to switch into the role of a social studies student.

Number 1-4 at your table group.

Each number will be given a different assignment to complete, utilizing a different technology tool. You will then be responsible for explaining how you used your tool to deepen your content understanding.

Google Docs (PC or iPad)

You will be analyzing the speeches of Lincoln and Davis

Link to assignment:

Padlet (PC or iPad)

You will be creating a visual library for the causes of the Civil War and explaining how these causes led to the war.

Link to assignment:

Today's Meet (PC or iPad)

You will be watching a video over the Civil War and annotating key people, events, and facts that you observed from the video.

Link to assignment:

Link to video:

Texas Council for the Social Studies Conference

Link to assignment:

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

PRISM (PC or iPad)

You will be reading an article over Reconstruction and analyzing the outcomes of the Civil War.

Student Learning Standard 8.9A: Evaluate legislative reform programs of the Radical Reconstruction Congress and reconstructed state governments.

Four Corners Activity

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When you get with your group, answer the following questions.

1. Were you able to demonstrate mastery of the standard using the technology tool?

2. How would you use this tool in your classroom?

3. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being super easy and 5 being very difficult), what would you rank this technology tool for ease of use?

Travel to your corner to answer the questions.

Once you have answered the questions, nominate someone from your group to share out.

Google- Go to Utah

Padlet- Go to Colorado

Today's Meet- Go to Arizona

Prism- Go to New Mexico

You have 15 minutes to investigate and create.

  • Find a tool you think will work for you in your classroom.
  • Create an account.
  • Embed some of your content.
Google- go to and create a GMail account
  • Using Google Docs/Forms for students/teachers to interact with each other in a live document.

Padlet- go to

  • Allows people to upload text, images, URLS's, and videos
  • There is now an app!

Today's Meet- go to

  • Back Channel for conversations during lectures, videos, and group work.

Prism- go to

  • Copy and paste documents and have students interact with the content using the highlighter tool.

Results of group work- check them out!

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Feedback Options

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How do I know what they know?

Remind- use with phones/iPads/computers

Quizzizz- use with phones/iPads/computers

Kahoot it- use wih phones/iPads/computers

Create an account:

Plickers- use with teacher phone

Socrative- use with phones/iPads/computers

Poll Everywhere- use with phones/iPads/computers

Kaizena- allows you to have electronic conversations with your students

Nearpod- has assessment activities you can embed within your presentation.


Best resource for parent communication!

They can not respond to your messages (only outgoing).

You can schedule them ahead of time.

You can send them from an app on your phone.

Parents will love you!

Play a Quizzizz! Click on the link below.

Play a Kahoot! Click on the link below.

Create a Kahoot! Click on the link below.

No Technology- No Problem!


When using Plickers, the only technology needed is the app on the teacher/presenter's phone or iPad.

You have 15 minutes to investigate and create.

  • Find a tool you think will work for you in your classroom.
  • Create an account.
  • Embed some of your content.
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Kids Create/Student Work

Exit Ticket for the Day

Instructions for your exit ticket assignment:

  • Choose an app or Web 2.0 tool that you think will enhance student understanding of your content.
  • Create an assignment for your students that utilizes the instructional technology tool.
  • Identify the standard that will be addressed with this assignment.
  • Create a student example of the assignment.

When you are done, you need to fill out the Google Sheet with the following information by your name:

1. Grade level

2. Learning standard

3. Student instructions

4. How will students use the instructional technology tool to demonstrate mastery of the standard?

5. Submit student example (link, picture, screen shot, email to me

Link to Google Sheet:

The Google Sheet will be a collection of everyone's ideas for how to use instructional technology in Social Studies!

Gaona's Go-To's

Timeline with HSTRY


1. Download the App on your device.

2. Take a picture, or download a picture with your device.

3. Open the app, choose the picture, and speak- it is that easy!

Make sure you have students share their ChatterPix with you. Padlet is my favorite way to collect these!

Made with ChatterPix by Duck Duck Moose


1. Create an account- it is free

2. On your phone and/or iPad- download the Aurasma app

3. Open the app

4. Go to the home screen (A at the bottom of the page)

5. Click on the magnifying glass at the bottom to search auras

6. Type in JGaona in the search

7. Click on Channels (upper right)

8. Click on Follow

9. Click on the frame (bottom middle)

10. Hold over the trigger images and watch the magic happen!

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Goose Chase

Goose Chase Instructions (Example)

1. Download the Goose Chase iPhone or Android app. (The GooseChase App has already been downloaded to the green iPads.)

2. Join the game by searching for “Implementing NHD- Workshop” from within the app (click the search button and enter the game.

3. Start completing missions when the game is started.

Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the MOST points.

Have Fun!

Infographic with Venngage

Social Studies App List

List of apps that are on the green iPads.

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No Technology- No Problem!

How can I use a students' knowledge of technology to increase content capacity?

  • Hashtag it! Students create hashtags for social studies content.
  • Twitter write: Students have 140 characters to summarize content.
  • Facebook conversations: Students write Facebook comments from the perspective of different historical figures. Collect the comments and create a conversation.
  • SnapChat: What would historical figures SnapChat? What text would they add...
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