May 2016 Counselor's News

Kacy Rodgers, MA, CSC, LPC

Thank You!

I want to take this opportunity to tell each one of you thank you! You are each a gift for students every day. You care, you lead, you inspire, you are AWESOME! Believe it! Though we may not see the impact now, we are making each student's life better every day. We cannot control where they come from or what they go home to, but we do make their lives better from 7:30-3:30 every day. That they will remember!

Confidence & Motivation Builders

As we come to the end of the year I've had several people ask me about how to build student confidence and motivation. Students struggle in these areas for a variety of reasons; maybe they have experienced multiple failures in class, possibly they fear retention, or maybe they are perfectionists and fear making mistakes or disappointing others. Whatever the reason behind the problem there are some things we as adults can do to boost their confidence.

Books to Read Aloud

Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet

Self Esteem and Character Building Tips

Be Attentive-When your child speaks to you give them eye contact and listen make them feel what they are saying is important to you.

Make a child feel special-Praise children when they do a good job and also for trying hard. Tell children your proud of them when they put a lot of effort in something. Give complements and tell them that they are special.

See the learning in mistakes– When a child makes a mistake turn the negative into a positive. Focus on what he/she learned from the mistake.

Be a positive role model- If you are constantly hard on your-self, putting your self down or pessimistic your children will see that and may eventually copy those same feelings. This may lead to them to feel that way about themselves.

Tune in to their feelings- Sometimes this can be hard especially when a child has done something wrong and you yourself get angry and want to yell and scream. Sometimes a child doesn’t understand what they have done. I remember I was sitting on the couch and my 6 year-old niece came running through the room with both her middle fingers up yelling middle finger, middle finger I almost lost it but I asked her if you knew what it meant and she said no and said her friend at school was doing it. I explained what it was and she was surprised she said she didn’t know and never did it again.