Washington, D.C.

May 2015

The Twilight Tattoo

Complete with a military band and cannons, the Twilight Tattoo is a military pagaent that feels and sounds very realistic. Showing the history of the United States' involvement in military conflict, the Twilight Tattoo was a very educational showing of wars we have fought.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument, the world's tallest standing obelisk, was built during the mid-1800s to commemorate America's first president, George Washington. The monument's construction was halted due to the outbreak of the Civil War and finished afterward but with a different type of stone.
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WWII & Vietnam Memorials

Remembering two deadly conflicts in America's past, these two memorials honor those who were lost in combat and all who contributed.

U.S. Capitol Building

The Capitol Building is used as both a historical center and as a government building. It is used as a meeting place for both the Judicial amd Executive branches of the government.
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Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the entire county. There are 9 Justices who serve for life.
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Smithsonian Institute- Air & Space, American History

The Air & Space museum was a very interesting and cool museum in the Smithsonian. Planes hung overhead as you walk through the massive building. The American a History museum, on the other hand, showed nearly anything imaginable from America's history. From war time to the invention of trains a walk through the museum could inform you of hundreds of years of America's past.
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Arlington National Cemmetary

Tombstones line the cemetery grounds as a tram takes you from point A to point B. Many famous landmarks are in the cemetery such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the John F. Kennedy gravesite.

The White House

The White House is, quite simply,where the President lives. Guards patrol the grounds on which it lies to ensure his safety. Hundreds of people gather outside the building to take pictures of it every day.
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National Zoo

The National Zoo in Washington had a massive range of different animals. My group saw most of what the zoo had to offer. My favorite was either the Pandas or the apes.

The Dinner Cruise on the Odyssey

The Odyssey Dinner Cruise had food, dance, and a beautiful view of D.C. as it went up the Potomac River. People danced, some harder than others, and went outside to socialize and watch the view from the river.
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Travel & Hotel

Traveling on the bus was long but fun considering everyone was surrounded by friends. Our bus driver Greg, had to put up with my group's shenanigans. when we reached New Jersey we got off the turnpike to go to Molly Pitcher, a rest area. Once in D.C., the bus drove us around everywhere. Later we went to the hotel, which was very nice.
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