Madison Turney

Living in the City Conditions

Living in the city had its advantages and some of them had its disadvantages. Citizens that were poor and did not have a lot of money, they would have to find jobs in factories or they would have to work and try and sell stuff out on the streets. Some people did not have a place to live r sleep so they would be living out on the streets, and begging people for money and something to eat. Also some people had children and couldn't afford to get a place to live or food to eat so even their children were living on the streets and would have to find a place to live. Most people that lived out on the street would get sick and die because the crowded streets because so many people were crowded together. New people would come to the city and bring diseases with them and many people would die. Also another disadvantage of living in the city was their would be many fires so a lot of people would die because of fires. But their were also many advantages with living in the city. Living in the city they had better entertainment, more places to eat, also better medical care, for the people that could afford it. and they also had a lot more job oportunities. For the poor they could find better jobs working in the city.
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The Rich

The rich people in the city had many big house holds, The cities grew rapidly, many of them were the rich's and they would take up a lot of the city limits and they could afford to live inside the city limits.

The City

The main people of the city would try to gain control of the whole city, they would try and get as many votes as they could from the people that were poor and did not have a lot of money. They would help people get jobs and just help families get back on their feet again and in return they would get votes. Many of the children that lived in the city that were 10 to 15 had to hold jobs outside of the home, just so they could bring money to the house and food to the table. Many workers worked 12 to 15 hours a day, six days a week, in very poor conditions. They did not have any paid vacation, definitely did not have any sick days, even if they were injured they were not aloud to miss work they just had to keep working.