WST Weekly Update

Monday, October 26 - Friday, October 30, 2020

From the Director

I can't believe that we are at the end of October and that Halloween is this coming Saturday. Honestly, it feels like time stands still and moves in a flash, all at once. We continue to move forward with our reopening plans, hoping that all students are able to get on campus and get hands-on!

Character Strong:

Bremerton School District and West Sound Tech are working with Character Strong. We want to support our students in their career and technical education learning, but also help support students in developing their compassion, empathy, and kindness for others. This year, it has been so much more challenging to connect with one another and Character Strong helps us develop our character with intentional and consistent practice.

The Character Dare C.A.R.E. Model includes:

  • Conversation starters (prompts and tools to practice positive communication for the whole family),
  • Acts of Kindness (simple ideas to do good and feel good while supporting each other at home and in the community)
  • Recreation and Rest (Fun and relaxing ways to unwind and enjoy each other's company)
  • Expressions of Love (A variety of actions for families to express love to each other that speaks to all the ways we give and receive love)

Each week, CharacterStrong offers family character dares, alongside student character dares.This week's family dare: (Conversation Starter) The Power of Why - tonight, after asking, "How was your day" don't stop with the "good" or "ok"response! Follow it up with "why" or "tell me more about that." Do it several times to really get deep into understanding. Better yet, change up the question! How about, "Who did you help today?" or "What was the most challenging part of your day?" or "What's one way I can help make today better?"

Progress Reports:

Progress reports came out last week. Many students are still trying to get back into a regular school routine and may be struggling with submitting work on time. We recognize that remote learning is a challenging way for students to learn, especially WST students who love being hands-on in their learning.

Know that students are able to improve their grades and submit work that was not submitted prior to progress reporting. Each instructor has office hours daily, if your child needs assistance completing their assignments or additional direction and support on the learning, please have them contact their instructor to develop supports to help your student be successful.

You may receive a phone call from Nora Zollweg, our student services coordinator as she is reaching out to families to ensure that students have the support they need to be successful at West Sound Tech.

One of the many unique aspects to WST is that the learning, every day is focused on helping students prepare for the workplace beyond high school and college. Let us know how we can support your child's learning this fall as we begin to transition between remote learning (Zoom Learning) and hybrid learning (on your own work).

Big picture


WST now has an APP where you can keep up-to-date on all things WST.

NOW the app includes the Student Daily Check-in! When WST brings students back to campus for learning, students will be required to complete the student Daily Check-in Prior to arriving at WST. With the WST app it is EASY!


West Sound Technical Skills Center

Mission: The mission of West Sound Technical Skills Center is to ensure that all students are prepared for life, career, and college through industry-based, technically rigorous programs.

Vision: To prepare every West Sound Technical Skills Center graduate to be career and college ready, enter the global workforce, and be a successful and contributing citizen through innovative and flexible program opportunities.