Middle School News - September 18th

Go Wildcats!

The first week of Regular Schedule

The kids did great this week!

Our next challenge and learning: Small Groups on the schedule

Thank you to the teachers who went above and beyond to build individual schedules for our students!

In summary:

  • The small groups are in the GREEN boxes and with the code for the group.
  • You will notice that there are two small groups labeled per period BUT one should be gray in color. That means they are NOT in that group. Only the one that is green with a code.
  • If you have 7th grade PE, 7th grade Health or Music, please see the message below.

What does Asynchronous look and sound like?

  • If your child has a group that happens to be asynchronous that day, there should be a communication from the teacher ahead of that and what they should expect.
  • Your child can email the teacher if they have questions. Please be aware that teachers will not answer immediately as they may be performing other tasks with students as well.

If you have questions during school day, Ms. Susy and Ms. Roletto may be available on Google Meet at code: Welcome1

Please email Ms. Roletto with any schedule questions. groletto@pps.net

We have extended the Google Meet WELCOME1 room for next week as well. Thank you Ms. Suzy for being there for our middle school kids and parents

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Google Meet Codes and Office Hour Codes

Most Middle School Office Hours will happen on Friday from 9:40 - 10:25am

Link to class and office hour codes: MS Google Meet Class Codes

Organization tip for students - WATCH

Here is a way to organize the links and documents you want accessible right away when you start your day. Helps save time and you don't have to remember how to search for things.

Video link: Ms. Roletto's organization tip

7th Grade Health Students and 7th grade PE - PLEASE READ

Families, Coach Chen and Mr. McMaster's small groups will be asynchronous (offline). We share Coach Chen with another school and Mr. McMaster teaches 1st-5th PE as well. We appreciate their hard work!

From Coach Chen about small groups for Health Class:

Small groups for health will be asynchronous, or offline. You can also email or request time to meet with Coach Chen.

His office hours are Thursday at 8:40am- 9:25am. See the link above for Office Hour codes.

7th Grade Health

- Small Group 1, Thursday, 11:40 - 12:25, Asynchronous, students will work on class assignments.

- Small Group 2, Thursday, 1:10 - 1:55, Asynchronous, students will work on class assignments.

-Those assignments will be found on Canvas for his class.

From Mr. McMaster for 7th grade PE:

Mr. Matt’s 6th period small group is asynchronous. There will be an assignment posted on our Canvas page for students to complete. We will discuss the assignment during our live meeting on Wednesday. I apologize for the confusion and thank you for your patience.

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Music Students! PLEASE READ

A message from Mr. A (Ajjarapu):

5th Per. music small groups will be violins on Wednesdays at 11:40 and all other string students at 1:10 with the same meet code as class.

6th Per. music students will have sectionals scheduled as needed during office hours or by student request, with the same meet code as class. XXXXXXXX

Google Classroom to Canvas

Last year we used Google Classroom and this year we are switching over to Canvas. We are all learning this new platform so we will be making a slow transition as we learn together.

Here are links to learn more about Canvas: District Resources

Great resources!

Reminders about Virtual Classroom Expectations and Conduct

As we move into a new round of virtual learning we are working on setting expectations for "conduct" during class. Please review the following with your students that we have been talking about:

  • We are back in school. Please leave online social "chats" for outside of class. Comments that you wouldn't say out loud in class, shouldn't be typed into the chat box during a lesson.
  • No spamming in the chat during class. This is not a big issue, but sometimes students share links to their social media accounts or projects for others to "follow" them. Please save this for outside of school time.
  • Safety is always a priority for us. We have had a couple of incidents with students who do not attend Bridger will try or do enter our live classes on Google Meet. They are investigated and followed up on. Please remind your students to not share the Google Meet codes with others outside of Bridger.
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