The Leaning Tower of Pisa

By Seth DeLacy

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Defying Nature

As you can tell by the picture above this structure defies nature. There are many other ways this structure defies nature besides tilting to the side. One reason is because it was was built on unstable ground. Another big reason is because it's such an old structure.

On the edge of falling

One thing you may not know about the tower is it has almost been destroyed several times.

In the 1920s the towers base was stabilized with cement to keep the tower from toppling. Also in 1839 an architect named Alessandro Della Gherardesca excavated the walkway around the tower and it caused flooding. The most interesting way the tower has almost been destroyed was during WWII. An American sergeant named Leon Weckstein almost bombed the tower because the Germans were using it as an outpost but he called the airstrike off due to its beauty.

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Another thing you may not know about the Tower of Pisa is that it was very advanced at the time it was built. The tower stands at the height of 55.86 m (183.27 ft) . It has 207 columns and the north staircase has 294 steps and the south staircase has 296.

The tower also weighs 14,500 metric tons. The detail on the tower was also very amazing as you can tell by the picture below.

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