Visit a Planet Unknown by Aliens

The only planet that can sustain life in the universe

Go on a trip to the Sahara Dessert

One of the opportunities the Sahara dessert gives is tourism. To see the structures made by people long ago. Getting to see houses made by a mix of clay and mud. You could also get great pictures of your travel. Witch is the second opportunity on the trip. Great pictures of your travels. You could take pictures of you riding a camel,the sunset at night and animals. But lets not forget the pyramids hand made. All those people pulling ropes up ramps to carry heavy blocks to build the pyramid. The final opportunity is seeing the beauty of an oasis. Learning how they form and stay in the desert and don't evaporate. That is another thing you could learn in your tour. Plus you may see an animal drinking from the water. But there are some challenges to face like wild life. You could face snakes,scorpions,vultures,spiders. But the deadliest you could face in the desert is the Komodo dragon.

Some things you should bring with you information from

  • loose-fitting cotton trousers
  • cotton t-shirts
  • long-sleeved cotton shirt
  • comfortable walking shoes with thick soles
  • cotton socks
  • warm jacket, especially for winter nights (Nov/Dec/Jan)
  • sunglasses (2 pair, good ones that block UV rays)
  • moisturizing eye drops
  • moisturizing nasal spray/drops
  • sunblock lotion, including lip lotion
  • sleeping bag - required (not supplied by Saga Tours)
  • rugged water bottle(s)
  • a torch/flash light, with extra batteries
  • a good hat or cap
  • you should probably also buy a turban locally, to protect you from the sun, the wind and blowing sand
  • a towel and personal toiletries (including toilet paper)
  • water purification tablets (only if you will be going into the deep desert, for several days; otherwise bottled mineral water is available)
  • a personal medical kit

Here are some travel tips

Make sure you have a guide with you as your walking some of the desert. You need to know where dangerous animals live and what you can and can't eat. If you don't you might think a mirage is real and die in the desert. Plus a guide can help keep the hot blazing sun off of you by telling you what close to where.

Speaking of hot and blazing the next physical feature is a VOLCANO

There are only two opportunities a volcano gives. volcanoes do cause destruction but create islands. Like Hawaii that people go to for vacations or a job. Hawaii is a volcano you are standing on molten rock that has been hardened. Many people don't know they are standing right on the lava. The second opportunity is expanding islands for more space. The volcano at Hawaii kept erupting and making Hawaii bigger. So people can live on the island without worrying about space. Know the challenge volcanoes give is destruction. Like eruptions that give off ash in the air killing lots of people. The eruption causes lava and rocks destroying homes and families.
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Some travel tips

Have a guide with you if something happens. The guide can help you be safe when by a volcano. Listen to the guide when he speaks on a tour

Things to pack

You should bring hiking boots, a camera, a sweatshirt because high up on a mountain can be cold.

What is something else cold oh ya the ocean

There are four opportunities the ocean give to the people. One is food like fish,clams,turtles,tuna,seaweed,sword fish,crab,lobster,shrimp,etc. There are lots of food you can get from the ocean. The second opportunity is fishing. Fishing can be used for different kinds of purposes like fishing for food,doing it for a sport,maybe just having fun with your dad our friends. But it can be used also for a job to make lots of money. Here are some of the challenges we face with the ocean. On the weather like a water spout,hurricanes,tsunami and whirl pools.
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Here are some travel tips

Travel at certain times of the year. So you don't have to worry about bad weather when your at the ocean. Make sure you have a person with you if something bad happens to either one of you.

Things to bring with you

Sun screen,sunglasses,bathing suit, if you want a umbrella.
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How do people split the Earth into regions

One way people divide the Earth is climate. Climate helps people chose where to go. Maybe on a vacation,business opportunities,etc. If you want to go on a vacation you would want to go to a warm spot like Florida,Hawaii,North or South Carolina. When you get close to the equator it gets warmer and warmer. But if you go farther away from the equator the climate will get colder and colder. Another way to divide the Earth is by hemispheres. There's the Northern,Southern,Western and eastern. The Northern hemisphere is the top part of the Earth. The Southern hemisphere it the opposite of the Northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere is on the bottom of the Earth not the top. Now the Eastern and Western hemispheres are different from the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The Eastern hemisphere is on the left side of the Earth where Japan,China,Europe,Australia and France are.The Western hemisphere is on the left side of Earth where North and South America are plus Canada. Another way to divide the Earth is by land and water. Even though the Earth is about 71% made of water there is land. There is still 29% of land on the Earth. Those are some ways people divide the Earth.
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