Poetry Project

Reading and Review

Poetry Explorations

For our final writing unit of the year we will once more look at the many forms of poetry to gain a better appreciation of this classic type of self-expression. We will also try writing some of our own. Check out a few of my favorite poems below!

Collect 'Em All!!

  1. Follow this link and read about several types of poetry.
  2. Add to our list of poetry types and their definitions. You may not copy and paste!
  3. Read some poems from the following list of websites or from books here at school.
  4. Choose at least two poems that you enjoyed the most. Copy them to a Google Doc of your own and write a review of the two poems. The poems MUST be from two different categories of poetry.

Be a Poet!

  1. Using the different forms of poetry that you have chosen, write two poems of your own following that style. Type them to a Google Doc.
  2. Describe the meaning of your poem or why you chose to write about that topic.
  3. Collect or create some imagery that follows the poems that you wrote and that you selected from other poets work.
  4. Assemble the images record a reading of your selected and written poems within iMovie. Be sure to discuss the type of poem and include your reviews and interpretations.

Now... Write and Read More Poems!