Collin's Literacy Experience

Concordia Reading Clinic

Skills Collin Has Been Practicing


* Using context clues and prior knowledge to make predictions

* Creating mental images to improve understanding

* Making meaningful connections with the text

* Comparing and contrasting


* Reading with expression

*Increasing rate by using phrasing

Word Study:

* Building and reading long vowel words

*Increasing vocabulary through use of synonyms and antonyms


* Creating complete sentences with proper mechanics

*Responding to literature in a paragraph

Strategies to Continue Collin's Development

* Read, read, read (aloud, silently, with a partner)

* Listen to fluent readers

*Regular visits to the library to select motivating text

* Share his thinking about the text he reads (predictions, connections, mental images, questions)

*Summarize text including story elements (characters, setting, plot, and conclusion)

* Answer factual questions about the text he reads (who, what, where, when, why

* Play "Fast Phrases"

* Play word games

* Build, read, and identify words containing long vowel combinations

* Write regularly (journal, creative writing, reading responses)

Helpful Resources

Literacy Websites:







Possible Topics, Books, and Authors of Interest

* Animals, dinosaurs, scientists

* Arts, painting, famous artists, music

* Mystery, fantasy, folktales

* National Geographic for Kids Magazine

* The Who Was...biography series published by Grosset & Dunlap

* Books by: Cynthia Rylant, Dr. Seuss, Mem Fox, Steven Kellog, Kevin Henkes, Audrey Wood, Jon Scieszka