Ten people who know me.

"Emily is my best friend because she is loving and caring and sweet. She means a lot to me." -Kelsey Pospiech , 15 , Best Friend

"Emily is always changing her hair styles and doing her makeup but she is very nice" -ALmundena Conde , 15 , Friend

"You are very real and pretty person , love you" -Morgan Meadows , 14 , friend

"Emily is very beautiful and she is very nice and funny" - Makaila Sisenors , 14 , Friend

"Emily is very nice , funny , and a good friend" -Kayla Ramage , 14 , friend

"Emily she is very cool and outgoing and pretty" -anela mrsic , 14 , Friend

"Emily is so pretty" -Alaya Peterson , 14 , friend

"She is so funny" -Cameron vic , 17 , friend

"Emily dresses nice"-Vanessa Arnold , 18 , sister

"Emily is so funny and hyper" -kyle love , 15 , friend

Dear , Emily's parent Emily is a very hardworker , she gets her work done always . i can always ask her to help me around. She is a good listener but is a chatty cathy. She always raises her hand and understands her work.
My name is emily i was named after my grandmother. In german the meaning of my name is "industrious".
Outgoing , Happy , Funny. Outgoing because says i am. Happy because im always laughing or smiling. Funny because i always make people lauhh.
My best friend kelsey we meet at chasco fiesta.
My phone it keeps me updated , My bracelet my best friend gave it to me , and earings my aunt gave me.
one time i fell of a slide
My favorite smell is coconut because it reminds me of islands.
"We met for a reason either you're a blessing or a lesson"
"Be so good they cant ignore you"
breakfast: coca puffs

lunch: pizza

dinner: tacos

snack: pizza rolls

actor; johhny deep

actress; angelina jolien

song; again fetty wap

band; migos

athlete; steph curry

food; tacos

class; bio

teacher mrs. d

best friend ; kelsey

tv show; scream

car; jeep

activity; shopping

movie; lol

20,000 people died violent earthquake in india


shot for me


hit the quan

go to brazil , go to fiji, become a scubba diver , meet drake , meet justin bieber