Tech Tuesday

February 2016

SWS Tech and PL Site Intro
Inside the Technology and Professional Learning Site, you will find tons of District and Campus information on the technology we have available for the district. Please use the info section at the top of each tool page to identify if that resource is available at your campus.

This site contains info not only on technology but also information that will aide you in your Professional Learning. Looking for information on Classroom Management, Computer Basics, Grants and Donations or Parent Communication? The more section is filled with great information. More pages are coming within the next few weeks so be sure to look at weekly.

To access the site directly, just click here.

Tech Support

Use the tech support section to notify your campus IT Liaison of any issues you are experiencing. Don't know who the IT Liaison is for your campus? This section points out your campus IT Liaison and provides a link to their email by clicking on their name.

Stemscopes Webinar

Need Professional Learning for Stemscopes? Check out the Stemscopes page for the link to the webinar stored in their Stemscopes Google Drive. It is 245MB and will have to be downloaded before viewing. Also find their navigation guide on this page as well.

Ed Tech Tools

Want to stay "In-The-Know" of all the popular edtech tools for 2016? Follow me on twitter or browse the Ed Tech Tools section for more information. Coming soon are quick, under 5 minute videos, that will demonstrate how to get started with the tools.

Heard of Reflector 2? It's what I used to show the website in the video above. This will allow me to demonstrate the tool/apps and record it so I can share with you. Interested in knowing more about how you can use this $15 resource for classroom use? You can use it to connect multiple devices (android/apple) that students are using in the classroom and project them on the smart board or wall.

How cool will it be to see what students are doing all at one time!

Below: @jengates395 in @glndschools shared on twitter how her students worked in groups while their iPads were displayed for all to see.

Big image

Google Drive Files

Big image

The Google Drive Link will take you to a list of tiles that contains files that have been gathered for classroom use (see above image). For example, the Cheat Sheet guide is a collection of pdf files on Outlook 2013, iPads, Office 365 and more.

Please be advised that sometimes the Google Drive access folder runs into a hiccup on the Restricted network. We are working to resolve this issue. You should have no issues outside of the network.

You Can Book Me

Need a 5-10-15 or an 30 minute pow wow session on something you need support in? The You Can Book Me section will allow you to easily schedule a time to get the support you need. It will even add the event to your outlook calendar.


The most frequently asked IT questions are found in the FAQ section. Believe it or not, one of the top questions asked is how to change the network password. This answer and other answers to frequent questions are just a click away.

Planbook EDU

Reminder: The Planbook trial for the district ends this month. Hope you've enjoyed your 3 month trial.

The Phoenix School will continue to use this resource for their campus.

Check Back Weekly

Here's what's coming to the site in the coming weeks:

Skype in the Classroom, Microsoft Tools, Pinterest & Cube, Voxer, Drones in Schools, Project Share, Humana Vitality and more.

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