Students become confident - literature as their foundation

Writers and English Language Schools

Authors PR can facilitate collaboration between authors and English Language Schools.

Books offer the teachers a solution for helping students to discover the English language and culture. Well written books can be used in the educational process, for

discussion points and activities, read and share programs, and the guided reading inherent in everyday classroom practice.

These activities will help the willing student with:-

1. Reading and comprehension.

2. Established routines required for independent reading and writing assessments.

3. Critical thinking, content understanding and summarizing.

4. Improving vocabulary and grammar.

5. Literary coaching through conversation, sustained engagement and reflective


6. An opportunity for doing meaningful independent work.

Whilst writing we would like to bring your attention to two books written by Patrick Brigham the well known author. Born in the English Home Counties, many of his stories are set in the Balkans, as well as in Oxford, Hampshire, and Berkshire. As the Editor of the first English Language news magazine in Sofia in Bulgaria, he knew first hand about the painful and often violent political changes, after the end of Communism.

Share the English stories - Share the culture

The books can be found on Amazon, AbeBooks or www.localbookshops.co.uk

For special deals contact the publisher at info@memoirsbooks.co.uk