TEAM JOY - Journey Outside Yourself

Count It All Joy - James 1:2


Happy Monday Team Good morning TEAM JOY! Hope you are having a FABULOUS week. WOW, are I the only one who can't believe it is the 3rd week in October??? Can I just say that I have a box full of Christmas wrapping sitting in the corner of my bedroom? NO, I am NOT getting a head start on my Christmas wrapping. It has been sitting there since LAST Christmas and never put away!!! Good thing is that I won't have to drag it out of storage this year. Ha!

A HUGE welcome to those designers who have joined us over the past month. You are joining us at the most exciting and profitable time of the year. This is only our 2nd holiday selling season and we are geared up for an AMAZING month of November. Hold onto your hats ladies! For those of you who are brand new and don't know me, I am a Director with Origami Owl and if you are receiving this newsletter, you are on my team. Our team name is TEAM JOY. I know it can get a little confusing, all of these "teams". You are also part of a bigger team "The Shining Jewels" led by Kristine Stevens who is 2 levels above me, the Senior Director of our team. If you are under me, you are also under her. You will receive emails from Kristine as well as myself as well as the company. All of these emails contain important information so please do your best to read them. Kristine conducts team calls and also has a FB group. If you are interested in being added to the FB group, please visit I do not have my own team FB page and utilize Kristine's to also communicate and help answer questions and I am an administrator on the group. A more direct mentor to you may have a team of her own. We VALUE you and desire to give you as much information in as many ways that we can to make sure you have access to all of the information you need to succeed in your business!

Having said this, your first point of contact for questions should be the BACK OFFICE. Our new corporate staff is doing a FABULOUS job with communication in the back office. PLEASE spend time familiarizing yourself with all that is back there before you go to your mentor with questions. Read EVERYTHING, formulate a list of questions and then go over your questions with your mentor. The resources section contains a ton of information and marketing materials to help you get your business off the ground. Your mentor is there to support you, along with your entire team and the Nest. If your mentor doesn't know the answer, she will go to her mentor until an answer is found. I am always here for you as well. :) But please take the initiative to learn all you can learn by reading everything in the back office. Try to keep up with the weekly webinars posted in the back office and participate in our team conference calls led by Kristine Stevens. LOTS of very helpful information is shared and it is an opportunity to ask questions as well.

Also remember that the Designer Care department is available Mon-Friday, 7am-7pm PST. 888-491-0331. However, please call Designer Care only for issues related to orders problems, missing items and those types of things. Designer Care does receive lots of calls with questions for which the answer can be found but simply doing a little research in the back office. Of course, Designer Care is always happy to assist but please try and learn how to find information yourself which will help your business tremendously.


NEW BACK OFFICE SYSTEM - Our new and MUCH improved system has been thoroughly tested and is ready to be rolled out to the field. I have been a part of the testing and you will LOVE the enhancements. It is a COMPLETELY revamped back office. MUCH more intuitive, user friendly, just FABULOUS! And leaders, you will love the new reports. Quickly see what your designers need to promote. This new system will be rolled out November 1st. What does this mean for you and your hostesses? All parties in process need to be closed by October 31st. If you are in the middle of a party, tell your hostess that orders need to be in by the 31st if possible. Those orders in by the 31st need to be closed and a new party will need to be opened after the system conversion. Yes, we understand this may affect the hostesses benefits. However, we HAVE to go through this process in order to move forward. Use this as an opportunity to create urgency to get orders in. More details are posted in the back office on how to handle this with your hostesses.


Paula and Hannah Weber

Director and Mother/Daughter Team