Web Browsers and Web Addresses

Overview (What is it?)

A browser is an application that allows users to access the internet and view webpages. A web address is what users use to view a webpage. For example, Google Chrome and Firefox are browsers that are used to connect to web pages.


There are many different browsers; Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are the most well known. There is also a thing called a mobile browser which is a browser that makes usage of the internet on a mobile device easier. There are certain websites that include a version specifically for mobile devices, such as Youtube, Facebook, and our Humble ISD website (even though it sucks).

Web Addresses

A web address is an address that users type in to view a webpage. A web address includes a protocol, the host name, and the top level domain. The protocol of a web address could be http or https, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. A host name could be Smore, Google, or Facebook. A top level domain could be .com, .net, etc.

Flyer by Teri Ann Beard and Van Lam