Orlando Science Schools Lynx Campus

Issue 30

April 5th 2019- Weekly Newsletter

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Principal's Message

Dear Families and Students,

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! This week's newsletter is filled with many exciting recaps and important reminders!

We are excited to announce that two of our Middle School Science Olympiad teams placed top three team at the Florida State Finals. Team Rocket placed 1st and Team Charmander placed 3rd out of 40 other Florida Teams! Our champion team "Team-Rockets" is moving the National Science Olympiad Competition this May at the Cornell University. Congratulations again to the teams, coaches, parents, and volunteers on this outstanding achievement!

We would also like to congratulate Ramsey Z on placing 1st at the Florida State Science Fair! Ramsey along with a few other Orlando Science Orcas represented Orange County Public Schools in the Florida State Science Fair last week. Congratulations on a job well done!

On Thursday, March 28th, 2019 our Lynx Lane Drama Department held their Spring Production of Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole at Edgewater High School. Congratulations to our Drama Department, Mrs. Reagan and all of those who assisted on this wonderful production!

Our Lynx Lane Orcas took their FSA Writing Tests this past week! Our testing continues again this May, and we would like to remind everyone that on May 1st, 8th and 15th students will not be released at their normal Early Release time. Please see below for more details.

Details regarding our 2018-2019 Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Spirit Week can be found in this week's newsletter!

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday!


Abdulaziz Yalcin, M.Ed


Orlando Science Schools-Middle/High

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Important Upcoming Construction Information

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Please be advised there will be construction in the dismissal area on April 12, 2019. We ask that you review the guidelines below to help with a smooth and seamless process

One right-turn-only exit-lane will be open until 4 p.m.

After 4 p.m. cars will be diverted through the neighboring parking lot to exit

Please follow staff members’ directions to expedite your exit.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

last Day to order 2018-2019 OSS MH Yearbook

OSS Science Olympiad State Competition Recap

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On Saturday, March 30th, 2018 our OSS Middle School Science Olympiad Teams competed at the Florida State Science Olympiad Tournament at UCF. We are pleased to announce that two of our Middle School Teams dominated the tournament and placed 1st and 3rd overall against 40 other Florida Teams!

Orlando Science Schools be will be heading to Ithaca, NY this May to represent the State of Florida at the 2019 National Science Olympiad Tournament! None of this could have been achieved without the dedication of our teachers, students, coaches, and parents! Our team would like to thank everyone for their support!

Congratulations to the following teams listed below for their dedication, hard work, sportsmanship, and outstanding achievement. We are so proud of you!


Team Rocket - 1st Place:

Aadi N (Anatomy 1st, Disease Detectives 2nd, Heredity 1st)Aditi A (Game On 1st, Herpetology 1st, Battery Buggy 7th), Anya G (Density Lab 1st, Crime Busters 1st), Chhavi P (Crime Busters 1st, Experimental Design 5th, Write it Do it 5th), Deshna S(Herpetology 1st, Battery Buggy 7th), Hemi P(Fossils 1st, Experimental Design 5th), Ishaan D (Boomilever 1st, Road Scholar 1st, Experimental Design 5th, Write it Do it 5th), Jaithra N (Meteorology 1st, Dynamic Planet 2nd, Solar System 3rd), Maanya P (Water Quality 1st, Potions and Poisons 1st), Meghana K (Anatomy 1st, Disease Detectives 2nd, Heredity 1st), Michelle L (Fossils 1st, Meteorology 1st, Dynamic Planet 2nd, Solar System 3rd), Omer D(Circuit Lab 1st, Game On 1st, Road Scholar 1st, Roller Coaster 10th), Sathwik D(Boomilever 1st, Elastic Launched Glider 1st), Sheel T (Water Quality 1st, Potions and Poisons 1st), Tarang G (Circuit Lab 1st, Density Lab 1st, Elastic Launched Glider 1st, Roller Coaster 10th)

Team Charmander - 3rd Place:

Akshar P (Road Scholar 6th), Arjun S(Game On 2nd, Experimental Design 8th, Write it Do it 8th), Diya B(Elastic Launched Glider 3rd, Fossils 4th, Experimental Design 8th, Mystery Architecture 8th), Flavio C (Meteorology 5th), Ishaan G (Circuit Lab 4th, Crime Busters 8th), Jaival N (Boomilever 2nd, Elastic Launched Glider 3rd, Meteorology 5th), Kayomi S(Circuit Lab 4th, Crime Busters 8th), Manas V(Boomilever 2nd, Mystery Architecture 8th) , Nirek G Anatomy 2nd, Disease Detectives 4th, Heredity 7th), Pragna T (Water Quality 2nd), Sahiti Y (Anatomy 2nd, Disease Detectives 4th, Heredity 7th), Saiba K (Fossils 4th, Road Scholar 6th), Tanvi C (Water Quality 2nd), Yash D(Game On 2nd, Experimental Design 8th, Write it Do it 8th)

You may see the details of the results here: http://state.soss.floridascienceolympiad.org/Results/?year=2019&embed

Lynx Lane Drama Club Presents: "Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole" Recap

Last Thursday, March 28th, 2019 the Lynx Lane Drama Department held their Spring Production of "Alice in Wonderland: Down The Rabbit Hole" at Edgewater High School. Our Orcas alongside the direction of Mrs. Reagan and her team put in a lot of work and did an absolutely amazing job. Thank you to the families for their dedication and support through this process, and to all those that came out to support the arts. The students had a wonderful time, and it was all thanks to your help and support!

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Ramsey Z Places 1st at State Science Fair

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This year we had several of our students research and experiment from plant projects to chemistry projects. Ramsey Z's "The "C" In Chlorophyll", Ashna M's "Are Homemade Fruit Juices a Better Source of Electrolytes and Carbohydrates than Sports Drinks for Kids?", Michael T's "Environmental Effects on Chlorophyll Concentrations", and Peter P's project on "Format Discrimination Analysis of High-Resolution Audio Perceptual Evaluation" represented Orange county and the Ying Expo in this year's state science fair.

Over 1500 students in attendance, this collection of academics is the brightest in the state. In such a highly competitive environment our students were in their atmosphere, enjoying every moment of the professional interactions.

We are proud to announce that Peter won a special award! Ashna placed 3rd in her category! And Ramsey obtained the 1st place in the state of Florida! These brilliant students show a bright future for not just their success but also for our beautiful state! Congratulations to them all! Thank you to everyone that has helped them and others in this year's science and STEM fair. Good luck with your summer research!

2018-2019 Lynx Lane Teacher Appreciation Spirit Week-4/22/19 to 4/26/2019

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2018-2019 Lynx Lane Teacher Appreciation Week-4/29/19 to 5/3/2019

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We will be holding our annual Teacher Appreciation Week during the week of April 29th, 2019- May 3rd, 2019. Below you will find the schedule for the week's events, along with the link of donations needed. If you are not able to donate but would like to contribute funds to purchase items please select the SCHOOL PAY link below. We greatly appreciate your help!

Monday-Panera Sponsored Breakfast, Tuesday-Pot Luck Lunch, Wednesday-Cookie Party

Thursday-Ice Cream Party and Friday-Teacher Grams

OSS Welcomes new School Resource Officer, Stan Klem to the OSS Family!

We are pleased to welcome to the OSS Family our new School Resource Officer, Stan Klem! He worked for 25 years at the Orlando Police Department where he retired with the rank of Lieutenant. He was the sergeant for all the SROs in Orlando for 3 years. In March he decided to come back after his daughter, Ms. Klem, became an OSHS teacher. His mission is to keep OSS safe, we look forward to having a seasoned officer on all of the OSS campuses. If you see him, be sure to make him feel welcome Orcas!

Lynx Lane February Character Award Teacher Winners

OSS would like to congratulate the following teachers for winning the ORCAS Teacher Core Value for February: for Connections “Celebrate diversity” is Mrs. Dilek; for Science “Advocate for a safe learning environment” is Ms. Demir; ELA “Strive for excellence within a stimulating environment” is Ms. Killian; for Social Studies “Outreach towards community” is Ms. Chandler; and for Mathematics “Respect and compassion for all” is Mr. Tuzen."

OSS MUN to compete at FHSMUN-Ste. Petersburg 6

On Saturday, Model United Nations students will travel to Pinellas Preparatory Academy in Largo to participate in FMSMUN- St. Petersburg 6. This one day conference teaches middle schools students about the UN System and challenges facing the international community in a friendly and academic manner.

Participating students must arrive at Lynx Ln. by 6:30 am to ensure on-time arrival.

Good luck to our participating delegates!

February Student ORCAS Character Winners

OSS would like to congratulate the following students for winning the ORCAS Teacher Core Value for the month of February!

  • O-“Outreach towards community-Sushama G.
  • R-“Respect and compassion for all”-Tenzin S.
  • C-"Connections “Celebrate diversity”-Lara G.R.
  • A-“Advocate for a safe learning environment”-Sushma G.
  • S-“Strive for excellence within a stimulating environment”-Aaditya J.

Attention 8th Grade Orcas: Submit your 2019-20 School Year Course Preference

8th Grade Orcas, It is time to request your 2019-20 school year courses!

Take time to carefully select possible courses in the order of your preference. Due to class size restrictions, prerequisites and your academic readiness, you may not be assigned the classes you requested. Sometimes, your last choice is the only option that will work when creating a schedule. Therefore, please complete all of the course categories including the contingency (back-up) course offerings. We will try our best to accommodate your requests. All final placement decisions will be made by the administration and guidance departments after reviewing students' end of year grades and test scores.

If you are not satisfied with your schedule or have different needs, please do not hesitate to email Mr. I until the end of the first two weeks of the new school year. Students should check their high school graduation requirements from the Florida Department of Education's website.

Please feel free to see Mr. I for further questions. FLDOE Graduation Requirement: http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/7764/urlt/1415forwardflyer.pdf For detailed course description please visit http://www.cpalms.org/Public/search/Course . For information about the AP classes please visit https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse

2018-19 Lynx Lane Assessment Calendar

Below you will find the 2018-2019 Lynx Lane Assesment Calendar, please keep these dates in mind when planning any upcoming appointments and vacations. It is also important to note that on the following days listed below we will not be holding our regular early release schedule, instead, we will follow our standard release schedule to allow more time for testing.

  • May 1st 2019-7th Grade will be released at 2:48PM & 6th and 8th Grade will be released at 2:52PM
  • May 8th 2019-7th Grade will be released at 2:48PM & 6th and 8th Grade will be released at 2:52PM
  • May 15th 2019-7th Grade will be released at 2:48PM & 6th and 8th Grade will be released at 2:52PM
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Moving Across Literacy Challenge

The Moving Across Literacy Challenge for the 2018-2019 School Year is officially underway! Each number listed below the grade level is the number of book slips grade level students have submitted that they read! For every 25th Book Slip submitted that student will win a small prize. Congratulations to our first sets of winners, if your name is listed below please see Mrs. Sturm in RM 124 for your prize!

Yusra L(8th Grade), Eman A(8th Grade), Siva D(7th Grade), Alika M(6th Grade), Preston S(8h Grade), Kyla P-B(8th Grade), Jayden H(8th Grade), Ishaan D(7th Grade), Aidan B(7th Grade), Hamza T(6th Grade), Leo B.(6th Grade), Ashuana K(7th Grade), Joshua O(6th Grade), Aaliyah A(6th Grade), Rushi P(6th Grade), Aleena (7th), Robert D(6th), Ethan R(6th)

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Gatorland Art Contest-Due April 8th 2019

Theme: “Protecting Endangered Species”

Eligibility: ALL students K-12th grade (Judging is in 4 groups (K-2, 3-5, Middle and High School)

Deadline: April 8th, 2019

Award Ceremony: Crayola Experience in May 2019

Prizes: $100 for each 1st place winner and $50 for each 2nd place winner

All 40 finalists receive their artwork framed, tickets to Crayola Experience, Gatorland and other prizes.

Submit the completed entry form and drawing to:

Gatorland Art Contest

14501 S. Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL 32837

* Please review the attached sheets for full contest information and guidelines*

Lynx Lane International Night Coming Soon

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8th Grade Graduation Information

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Pizza Day Every Thursday

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The OCLS has partnered with OSS Middle/High to provide free Virtual Library Cards (VLC) to all students. There are many wonderful online resources students can use from any computer with their credentials. Check out the website www.ocls.info and go to Research and Learning to explore all the learning opportunities the library offers. Use the credentials listed in the picture above to log in and enjoy!

2018-2019 Lynx Lane Birthday Dress Down Form

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Orcas this is just a reminder that students interested in dressing down for their birthday must submit a "Birthday Dress Down Day" form found below two days prior to their birthday dress down day request. If a form is submitted less than the two days or is not submitted they will be considered out of dress code and they will not be approved to dress down.

Lynx Lane April Orcas Birthdays

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3rd Annual PVO Sponsored Fall Festival Fundraiser

OSS K-12 PVO Meeting-April 24th 2019

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Lynx Lane Important Questions and Answers

When are Progress Reports/Report Cards Released ?

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Ways to Give Back to Your School!


AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Orlando Science Schools via Discovery Education Services, Inc. whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.


OfficeDepot Gives Back

Office Depot provides the school with 5% back in credits for FREE supplies when you make a purchase of qualifying school supplies. Simply provide the school ID at checkout.

OSES School Code: 70228302

OSS School Code: 70218341



Hello OSS Families!

Please remember that BOX TOPS are a wonderful FREE way to raise funds for our school. Each Box Top is worth $.10 and they really add up. Please make sure to continuously send these in so that I can mail them before their expiration dates. The monies received go to supporting our academic and sport teams, the PLTW (Project Lead the Way) along with many other OSS programs and classroom needs. If you would like to learn more about the Box Tops program go to www.btfe.com.

Please register or login today. Make sure that you designate Orlando Science Schools as your school support.

To see a complete list of products go to: https://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/participating-products

Also, it is very important to check those expiration dates. We do not receive any credit for expired Box Tops.

Thank you so much for your support of Orlando Science Middle High School. For questions or thoughts please email me at jmallonee@cfl.rr.com.

Happy Clipping!

Denise Mallonee


Our School System has recently updated our accounts on LinkedIn would love for you to join our network! Please see below for links to the official LinkedIn Company Pages for each of our campuses and feel free to share with current families and alumni.

Orlando Science Lynx Lane STEM Corner

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Stem Occupation of the Week: Computer User Support Specialists

Computer User Support Specialists: Provide technical assistance to computer users.

Source: https://careerwise.minnstate.edu/careers/careerDetail?oc=151151

Stem Vocabulary of the Week: Primary Source

Primary Source: An original or direct source of information (i.e., diary/journal, a survey/interview, letters, photos, documents, autobiographies, and observations) characterized as Informational Text in Common Core State Standards.


Middle/High Charter Lunch Menu-April

Lynx Lane Lost and Found Clean out

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2018-2019 Lynx Lane Tutoring Schedule

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Check out Orlando Science Technology Drive Campuses Newsletters!

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Orlando Science Middle High Event Calendar

Orlando Science Lynx Lane April Events

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Lynx Lane Teacher Appreciation Week Spirit Week Passes on Sale

Monday, April 8th, 7:30am to Wednesday, April 17th, 5pm

2427 Lynx Lane

Orlando, FL

See details above.

10th Annual Art Contest by Gatorland Deadline

Monday, April 8th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Annual OSS Band Video Game Tournament

Friday, April 19th, 5-9pm

2427 Lynx Lane

Orlando, FL

Stay tuned for more details.

Lynx Lane Teacher Appreciation Spirit Week

Monday, April 22nd, 7:30am to Friday, April 26th, 5pm

Lynx Court


See details above.

OSS k-12 PVO Meeting

Wednesday, April 24th, 6-8pm

2600 Technology Drive

Orlando, FL

Orlando Science Families,

Join the OSS K-12 PVO Team on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at the Orlando Science High School Technology Drive Campus from 6:00-8: 00 PM for our next meeting.

First hour both PVOs will meet together for the Fall Festival update meeting and the second hour we will break off into our respective PVO groups to review and discuss the agendas for our specific campuses.

RSVP using the link below


Lynx Lane Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, April 29th, 7:30am to Friday, May 3rd, 5pm

2427 Lynx Lane

Orlando, FL

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