Leadership & Motivation

Cristin Castiglia - EDU 675 Week 3 Discussion

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Leadership Themes

Innovative: Faced with challenges, I am able to come up with new and creative ideas, and I also encourage other powerful and inspirational individuals to lead towards positive change. Within my case study, I believe I have created an innovative support group for single mothers in online education, as they have not had this opportunity before.

Servant: I believe strongly that it is important for positive group relationships, and a high level of teamwork. For my project, I have placed high importance on teamwork through the support group.

Transformational: High levels of performance and being able to be flexible to meet the needs of the group is important, and that is why I believe the support group will be transformational in a positive way.

Motivational Themes

Intrinsic: This means that motivation comes from within the individual, and I believe that in the case of my current experience, the students that I work with are intrinsically motivated to earn a college education.

Extrinsic: This is motivation that comes from outside, and I would consider this type of motivation the support group that I have put in place to help my students with their online education.

Self-Efficacy: Is "the perception that one has the capabilities to actually complete a task" (Buczynski & Hansen, 2014, p. 2.2). I believe that each and every one of my students that I have introduced to the support group have self-efficacy to partake in the support group, but also reach increased academic achievement and self-confidence.


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