Adolf Hitler

Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was a time when Adolf Hitler was the leader/dictator of Germany and had brainwashed the people of Germany with lies about the Jewish culture. The reason for Hitler targeting the Jews was because the Jews were an easy target. Most Jews were also tax collectors and when people didn't pay up they would have to take that property of others. During the Holocaust over 11 million people were killed, over 6 million Jewish lives were lost involved during this conflict, 5 million innocent people had lost their lives also.

Definiton/Background information

Adolf Hitler was the leader/dictator of Germany who led the Nazis to wipe out the whole Jewish population and take control of all other possible countries. He was born in 1889 and died in 1945 by suicide. Hitler's taste for death was something no one has done in modern history, he would tell his soldier "Have no pity! Act Brutally!" Hitler wanted his soldiers to be the most feared soldiers in the whole world. Hitler began his run for political power in 1919 after World War 1. The German empire was defeated and as a result, the economy laid in ruins. Germany was in desperate need for a leader. He joined a small group called Nazis. Soon he was the leader. He and his followers believed they could win back Germany's past glory. He promised they would rebuild Germany into a mighty empire. That power would last a thousand years.

Original Research Question

Who was Adolf Hitler's wife? Braun Eva, had met Hitler by working as Heinrich Hoffman's assistant, who was Hitler's personal photographer. Hitler had given her a suite of rooms in his residence. She had no influential or political role in government. She would never interfere of with his work or anything public. Hitler had kept her out of the public eye, and made her wealthy. Her and Hitler married near the end of World War 2, on April 29, 1945, in a bomb shelter. The next day they committed suicide in the same bomb shelter, because Soviet troops were closing in on the bomb shelter.


"By April 1945, Hitler had become a broken man. His head, hands, and feet trembled, and he was tortured by stomach cramps. "


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