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Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands is located on the western section of the ethiopian plateau.The border of Sudan Lowlands,of these mountains are probably of the early volcanic origin.The ethiopian Plateau and some several of the mountain groups are cut by deep valleys.The blue Nile runs from source,Lake Tana.Through the center of the plateau.

Niger River

Niger river is 2,000 miles long.It rises on the fouta Djalllon plateau in southwest guinea into the mali republic. Near the timbuktu,mali,the niger begins a great bendflowing out of mali,through the republicj of niger and into nigeria. The niger then flows south,emptying through the great delta into the gulf of guinea. The-delta the largest in africa-is characterized by swamps,lagoons,and navigatible channles. The niger river is a major source of fish in the region.
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Kalahari Desert

The kalahari desert is an arid plateau region that spans three countries and covers 100,000 sqaures miles long in southern africa.

-It coverd by reddish sard.

-It is between the orange and zambez rivers.

-It is d

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Indian ocean

The indian ocean is the third largest ocean in the world. The average dept of the ocean floor is 11,000 feet. A large rift on extension of the great rift valley,extends along most of the ocean length.