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June 15, 2015


June 30 : Last Day of School , tracks 2,3 and 4

July 7: First Day fo School 1,2 and 3

July 14 : Open House grades 1-5

July 27 : First day of school track 4

President's Message:

Good Luck on EOGs this week!

The 5th graders have completed their legacy project. The project was to choose their favorite book and write on a note card why that book was chosen. Some classes where asked to choose a favorite early reading level book and some classes were asked to chose a higher level reading book. The note cards were attached to the inside of the book for future MCES students to read. The early level reading books with be donated to the Kindergarten classrooms and the higher level reading books will be donated to the Learning Commons. The most popular early level reading books were books by Dr. Seuss, specifically The Lorax and Oh, the Places You'll Go. Variations of If you give a .(Mouse) a (Cookie) were also highly recommended. The most popular books for higher level readers were the Percy Jackson Series, Out of My Mind, All the Lovely Bad Ones and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

School Store Volunteers Needed:

We are looking for school store volunteers for the 2015-2016 school year.

Tuesdays: K-2 kids welcome from 8:00-8:25am
Thursdays: 3-5 kids welcome from 8:00-8:25am
The school store sells little pencils, erasers, fun little school items for kids to purchase - prices range from $0.10 - $2.00, so kids can easily afford to buy something even with a little bit of pocket change. It is located at the end of the main hallway, adjacent to the 2nd grade hallway.

EOG Proctors Needed:

Testing coordinators are in need of proctors for June 18th. Contact or for more information.

Donations Needed:

MCES also has donation needs. If you have items around the house you need to get rid of, consider donating them to the school.

Per Ms. Rice, CCR teacher, I teach a student who requires a lot of support who does not own many books. If any of you have any Dr. Seuss books (or similar early readers) you no longer want, please consider dropping them off in my classroom (room 502). I will give them to this young man. I do appreciate your support. I'll also be more than happy to take any McDonald-type toys you no longer want as well.

Clothes- The front office is in need of clothes to give out to students when there is an accident at school and parents are not able to come in and bring clean clothes. Donations of the following items for both boys and girls would be appreciated and can be dropped off at the front office:
Flip Flops- boys and girls all sizes
Underwear- sizes S, M, L
Elastic Band pants and shorts- S, M, L
T-Shirts- S, M, L

Snacks for Kids

The snack cupboard is running bare, with 125 kids at MCES that need help with snack time, we go through quite a lot of snacks per week. If you can help, please sign up on the signup genius link:

Science in The Community Summer Camp:

Science In The Community will be hosting a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Summer Camp. The camp will be located at Shaw University from June 22nd – July 31st. Please share the following information with your students.

Science In The Community (SITC)

STEAM Summer Camp 2015

North Carolina Central University - Durham, NC

Shaw University - Raleigh, NC

Winston Salem State University - Winston-Salem, NC

June 22nd – July 31st

Monday – Friday

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Grades 3-8 (incoming 3rd graders, and current 8th grades are welcome to attend)

Join us for a fun filled educational summer! The students will participate in four hands-on inquiry based STEAM activities/labs daily. Each lesson aligns with the NC State Standards. The students will participate in the following

· Engineering

· Robotics

· Chemistry

· Anatomy

· Mathematics

· Technology

· Biology

· Botany & Much More!

Registration and further information can be found at:


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